Why Vegas Always Gets the Best of Me


Ok, you've probably noticed I have been quiet as of lately.  We made a family trip back to Vegas, which I have to say is always a vacation no matter when we go.  Who can complain about seeing their in-laws, sitting by the pool, enjoying the sites and living a little luxurious!

When we can we take a discount airline, Allegiant, that has a quick direct flight from Kalispell, MT.  This two hour flight makes it simple with the kids especially when I travelled to Vegas solo with them!  This is the first time I have flown with the two of them by myself and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised because it was so simple!

Relaxation, food, family and fun!  Those are four words that life should be about everyday!

vegas gets the best of me

Why Vegas Always Gets the Best of Me!

The getaway brought me some relaxation that I have needed for a while now.  Life has been a little crazy these past few months with selling the business and getting used to being a stay at home Mom!  I honestly have no complaints but I really like working so it has been bittersweet to say the least.  I spent an entire afternoon at an amazing spa that I grabbed a huge discount on at Groupon and treated myself to a massage, facial, pedicure, and relaxation.

We managed to get out for a date night, which doesn't happen often at home.  Took the whole family to the Tournament of Kings, screened a new fall show, and had family photos taken.  That's only a handful of the things that we did while we were away.  I am hoping now that I have a little more time I will actually share our fun times and give you some pointers!  Speaking of which I still owe you all a few posts from our trip to Mexico back in April, oops!

More to come soon but for now I need to unpack and repack to getaway for the long weekend!

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Stay safe this weekend and I hope you make some great memories.



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