Unique Christmas Gift Ideas


Unique Christmas gift ideas are hard to come up with, especially when we are all digitally connected.  When it comes to photos, phone calls, and even basic communication we lose the personal connection we used to have before technology took over.  Lost is the art of photography, letter writing and passing down old traditions from generation to generation.  Now more than ever homemade and classic gifts are the way to go!

1 – The Gift of Experience

Why not create a unique gift full of homemade coupons ranging from a coffee date to baking cookies together.  It may seem simple and silly but I know many of my family members who would love a gift like this.  I get caught up in how busy my life is and forget to make time for others and this will give anyone the perfect excuse to spend a couple of hours together!

2 – Bringing the Past to Life

This one is a favorite of mine because of the unique approach it has.  Why not provide Memories in Colour where you can bring black and white WW1 and WW2 imagery to colour.  Adding a splash of color to an old photo not only brings the past back to life but also gives you the opportunity to hear the story behind the photo!

3 – The Gift of Baking

Who doesn't love homemade gingerbread cookies, peppermint patties or a yule log?  I know I wouldn't turn them down!  Why not spend an afternoon baking up a few batches of treats to give as gifts.  Not only will they appreciate the thought and love you put into it they can enjoy it over the holiday season and think of you.

4 – The Gift of Memories

This one might not be as obvious but I wish I would have done it while my Grandma was still alive.  You can purchase an autobiographical journal that provides writing prompts organized into sections that tell the story of their life.  It covers everything from the past to present and is a perfect way to preserve the memories for years to come.


I love how I can share many of the traditions from my past with my family and we can create new ones of our own.  I have to remind myself to slow down and be in the moment and that is why these unique gifts are a great reminder to reconnect and share the personal connections that are important to us all.  I hope these unique gift ideas will help you this Christmas.

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