5 Ways to Beat the Heat in San Diego


5 Ways to Beat the Heat in San Diego

Southern California is known for its amazing sunshine, but in the heat of the summer, it can almost be too much! Sometimes, you just need a cool place to beat the heat without breaking the bank or missing out on all of the fun the city has to offer. From swimming in the bay to snorkeling and hanging out by the pool, here are five ways to beat the heat in San Diego.

1. San Diego Bay

Obviously, the San Diego Bay is one of the best options for beating that summertime heat. There are plenty of beaches that you can swim at, or you can choose other options like jet-packing, speedboating, jet-skiing, and more. The bay is home to many water-based activities, and if you’re not interested in any of those, you can just hang out in the warm Pacific water.

Don’t forget to bring your sunscreen! If watersports aren’t your thing, you can always visit the USS Midway Museum. The US Navy’s largest aircraft carrier is now permanently docked in the San Diego Bay, so you can get an ultra-close look at one of the military’s mightiest warships. Many of the aircraft featured on the ship were actually built in southern California, so you’ll be experiencing a piece of local and national history simultaneously!

2. Retreat Pool and Cabanas

Looking to beat the heat and relax with a cocktail by the poolside? This El Cajon pool and cabana destination is just what you need on those hot summer days. Enjoy the comfort of crystal-clear water in two different pool areas, complete with poolside deck, daybeds, shady cabanas, and even a lazy river! Float along carelessly as the day passes you by, soaking up the sun and enjoying the shady cabanas when the temperature gets too hot.

Enjoy live music and DJ sets (depending on the day and time) and is family-friendly. If you’re feeling thirsty, the bar offers signature cocktails, mojitos, and icy-cold champagne to wet your taste buds. The pool and cabana is open seven days per week, from 9 am to sunset, and guests of the Sycuan Hotel and Resort gain free entry into the pool area.

Daybeds and cabanas do require a minimum food and drink purchase, but are well worth it! The oversized daybeds are comfortable and luxurious, and the cabanas are even more so; offering a truly tropical-esque experience for the pool-goer.

3. Aquatica

Beating the heat in San Diego is easy when you visit Aquatica. This gigantic waterpark features pools, slides, lazy rivers, aquatic rides, and so much more. The crystal-clear water will keep you cool in the blistering heat of the California sun, and the prices will keep your wallet full. For a limited time only, you can get a 2020 Splash Pass for just $46.99! Hurry though, this offer won’t last forever!

Aquatica is a favorite among San Diegans. The park has garnered much attention from local magazines and newspapers, and the reviews from paying customers are almost always top-notch. What is it about the park that people love so much? From the dozens of pools, slides, and rivers, to excellent staff and six different eateries, the park is much more than just your typical waterpark. You don’t come to Aquatica to visit, you come to stay!

The season begins in May, so book your tickets now for the ultimate experience. Get a splash pass to skip the lines or book a private cabana for a relaxing stay at the area’s best waterpark.

4. Snorkeling

What would visiting San Diego be without snorkeling? This favorite past-time offers some of the most stunning views of the Pacific Ocean under the surface of the water. Snorkel and Scuba San Diego is your go-to for the best snorkeling experience you can get. A 6,000 acre underwater reserve provides snorkelers and scuba divers with some of the most amazing views the San Diego Bay has to offer.

You’ll see everything from fish species to sea lions and leopard sharks and even jellyfish; but don’t get too close! Guided snorkeling tours are for customers 12 years of age and older, and you must know how to swim. Each tour is around $80 per person, so it’s one of the best values you can get in a snorkeling package.

The scuba diving package offers something a little different and comes in at around $230, including all of the necessary gear. Dive number one takes you through a stunning kelp forest, complete with lobster and crab and beautiful schools of exotic fish. Dive number two ventures into a rocky reef, where you’ll find beautiful coral and even more aquatic species.

5. Resort Pass

Luxury resorts can be expensive, but they often have the best pools! Resort Pass is a relatively new concept offered by select hotels and resorts in San Deigo. You’ll get access to specific activities and locations within the resorts. The pools are usually included, and sometimes even a spa package is included with your day pass. Experience some of the city’s best hotels and resorts with Resort Pass, and you’ll never have to spend a fortune booking a room!


Whether you’re swimming in the beautiful San Diego bay, chilling by the pool in a private cabana, or snorkeling alongside sea lions and leopard sharks, beating the heat in San Diego is easy when you know where to look. Try the Aquatica waterpark if you’ve never been there, and if you’re just visiting, you absolutely must try snorkeling or scuba diving!

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