Turn That Frown Upside Down


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We all go through periods when we feel a bit down in the dumps. This could be for personal or professional reasons, but sometimes you might not even know why you’re feeling so blue. Don’t stay down for too long, though, as it can cause a lot of unnecessary stress and anxiety. Ready to turn your frown upside down? Here are some great ways you can get your moods back on track.

Get A Pet

Did you know that some studies show that pets help to increase our moods? Having a furry friend is a great way to brighten up our day, as they are often so cute and funny! If you get a dog, you will need to take it for daily walks. All this exercise is good for the soul, as our bodies release lots of endorphins during periods of increased activity. Endorphins are known as nature’s anti-depressants as they relieve the body and mind of stress, and can greatly improve moods. Lots of experts also believe that stroking dogs and cats can be an excellent stress reliever as the repetitive motion can greatly calm the body.

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Have A Laugh

Don’t feed your bad mood by watching weepy melodramas and upsetting movies. You will find that watching a funny comedy will help you smile and get back on the the track to happiness! Not sure what you should be tuning into? Here are the best comedy shows on Netflix, which should have your sides splitting in no time! It’s a nice idea to invite your friends round to watch a movie together. This is a great bonding time, and joking with your friends will also put you in a much better mood!

Eat For Your Moods

Did you know that your diet can have a big impact on your moods? If you mainly eat processed and sugary foods, you won’t be doing your brain any good, and this can have a negative effect. Even if you are fed up and want to comfort eat, try and stay away from all the chocolate and potato chips! Instead, snack on foods that are known to alleviate anxiety, such as Brazil nuts, bananas, and cereal. If you are desperate for some chocolate, stick to dark varieties. Dark chocolate is low in sugar and produces less stress hormones.

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Have A Chat

If there is a problem that has bugging you for some time, you could find that chatting to a close friend or relative helps to make you feel better. After all, a problem shared is a problem halved, so they say! Lots of people find that simply voicing their worries and doubts helps them get in a positive frame of mind. And if their friend or relative gives them some sound advice for working through it, even better!

We can’t be happy all the time; sometimes life gets in the way! But, hopefully, all of the above happiness tips will help you work through any blues you feel in the future.


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