Tips on Transitioning to a New Dog Food


Ever since we adopted LouLou we've always made it a priority to feed her nutritious food and take her for regular walks.  Recently we found out there is a great dog food available that is made locally in British Columbia – GO! by Petcurean.  I was excited to find out there was pet food made right in our province!  I had to investigate to see if we should make the transition.

The GO! recipes provide a complete, nutrient-packed food that puts more “life” into everyday dogs and cats.  The line includes: high protein, lower carb recipes that help pets stay strong and fit; recipes formulated for pets with food sensitives; and specific dietary needs; and recipes that provide preventative care to keep  cats and dogs healthy for life.  The line, which includes whole grain and grain free recipes, contains zero growth hormones, by-products or artificial preservatives.

 Tips on Transitioning to a New Dog FoodGODDChicken_CMYKHi

 Tips on Transitioning to a New Dog Food

After the research we did on the brand, talking to other people who use it as well as the Health and Nutrition Specialist at Petcurean we decided to transition Lou to GO! DAILY DEFENSE Chicken Recipe.  The most important part of transitioning is to let your pet adapt to the change, normally it takes 10-14 days and with a simple plan you and your furry friend will be happy!  Petcurean recommends:

  • Day 1 & 2 – feed 80% of your pet's old food with 20% of the new food
  • Day 3 & 4 – feed 60% of your pet's old food with 40% of the new food
  • Day 5 & 6 – feed 40% of your pet's old food with 60% of the new food
  • Day 7 & 8 – feed 20% of your pet's old food with 80% of the new food
  • Day 9 & forever – feed 100% new food

You can read more about transitioning your pet to new food at the Petcurean website.

One issue we have with the cold weather is that Lou isn't as active as she normally is when it is easier to get her out for a run.  So I asked Michele Dixon C.N. Health and Nutrition Specialist, Petcurean what would should do, she had a simple answer:

Dogs should be fed according to activity level and weight, but there are generally ups and owns in that, and this evens out over time.  IF you were doing a 10 mile run regularly, and then stopped, you would need to adjust.  Here is a good link to the Body Score Condition Chart.  You can use this to determine if you pups weight is ok.

A girl and her dog

Lou is part of our family and we want to treat her the best we can so taking her to regular vet check-ups, feeding her nutritious food and providing her with many opportunities to exercise are important to us.  I am proud to say that I am a Petcurean Blogger Advocate and will have more informative posts as well as fun ideas on how to get out and about with your furry friends!  I might even throw in some tips on how we encourage the kids to take care of Lou.

Petcurean helps pet owners find the right Petcurean product for their cat or dog with its selector tool at

Do you have any family pets?

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