New Family Member – Why We Adopted a Dog


I figured it is about time I introduce our newest addition to the family! It has been two weeks since LouLou Bell was adopted and added to the family as our newest pet thanks to Global Animal Lovers Society!

Chey and LouLou

Our daughter, Cheyenne, has had a dream of getting a dog of her own for some time now. It started out as something she really wanted then moved to what her dog was going to look like and how it would be when she had this dog and her final stage was my dog as if she already had it. Needless to say we've been looking and researching for a dog that will fit our family and lifestyle.

I was browsing on Facebook one night with Cheyenne and came across a post about Global Animal Lovers so we thought we would take a look. To our surprise they had foster homes and a coordinator based only an hour away from us AND they had the cutest purebred blue tick hound looking for a family. Coincidence I think not, all of Cheyenne's dreaming had finally paid off!

During our research we found hounds were one of the loyalist, easy to train, and smartest pet you could get. We figured we would give it a go and apply to be her new family. Really what did we have to lose?!

So we waited and waited, emailed again, waited some more and then finally got an email that we could meet Lou! We knew that if we met her and loved her here was no way we wouldn't be leaving our meeting without her. The hour car ride was the most exciting thing for Cheyenne with the anticipation of actually having a dog to bring home!  We were surprised at the interview process and how they actually took the time to make sure we were a proper fit for the new puppy as well as her fitting into our lives.


Now that we've had LouLou Bell for a couple weeks she is fitting in perfectly and spoiled as ever!  My favorite part is that having a dog is allowing Cheyenne to take more responsibility and our family is doing more outdoor activities because of the need for exercise for Lou.  I was really nervous about getting a dog because I knew I would be the one who had to take care of her most of the time considering I'm at home with Dustin while everyone is at school or work.  Luckily we didn't have to go through the puppy stage and LouLou is a quick learner so we haven't had many problems.

Do you have a family pet?


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