Throw the Outdoor Perfect Birthday Party with These Awesome Elements


With each passing year, the luxuries of life afforded to children make it harder and harder to plan a truly stellar birthday party. Between all of the hustle and bustle chores of everyday life and a mom's desire to give their kids a birthday party they'll truly remember, planning an awesome day to remember can be challenging.

Throw the Outdoor Perfect Birthday Party with These Awesome Elements

Without a bit of proper planning, any birthday party can easily fall short. Thankfully, a few simple elements added to any birthday occasion can really boost the fun that everybody will have – you'll be the talk of the town. Below, we've put together a short list of elements you'll want to reserve or plan for your child's next birthday party in order to ensure an awesome time is had by all!

Water Slides

Those fortunate enough to be born during the summer months always seem to have the best and most memorable birthday bashes. The nice weather and opportunities for outdoor fun make any birthday party occasion a blank slate for fun. Water slide rentals are one popular way in which to ensure everybody has a splashing good time on their special birthday. These giant, inflatable creations add visual and practical fun to any outdoor birthday get-together.

Petting Zoos

Younger children in particular love being able to see and interact with live animals in person. A great way to add a bit of spice to any birthday occasion is to provide an on-site petting zoo.

By reserving ahead of time, you can work out all of the details and ensure that any prior plans are handled. Petting zoo teams set everything up and clean up after they are done, so there's no need to worry about a mess being left in its wake.

There are many different types of petting zoos that specialize in different animals. They're only a phone call away, so do your research, compare what's available and go for the most awesome zoo selection in your area!

Scavenging Hunts

One great way to keep wandering minds occupied and ensure kids are getting enough exercise is to add a scavenging hunt to your next birthday bash. It takes very little to set-up such a hunt but the fun in it for kids is practically limitless.

You can hide small items, provide kids with clues and offer great little prizes at the end for everyone who participates. Since kids are naturally curious, you'll have little trouble getting everyone to play along and do a bit of detective work at your child's next birthday party.

Mini Golf

A birthday party to remember wouldn't be complete without some sports-oriented event. Mini golf can be great for kids of all ages and can be handled in many different ways.

Parents can choose to center the birthday party around mini golf and reserve a facility nearby for the day, or you can get a bit more creative, create an impromptu course at home and challenge kids with a wide variety of obstacles. In either case, your children and their friends are bound to have a ton of fun and the birthday bash will be known as a real hole-in-one!

These four simple yet awesome outdoor birthday party ideas can be combined with any number of other ideas to have a great time. Let us know what other outdoor party ideas you've been considering below!

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