The Best Day and A Half


I am the first to admit it, I have low patience combine that with a three year old and my new stay at home Mom gig and there is bound to be a disaster in the cards.  I have probably said it before that when Frank is on night shift Dustin likes to think he is too and stay up into the early morning hours, literally 2 am he will eventually pass out.  I was lucky enough to have the best day and a half of my new stay at home Mom lifestyle when Cheyenne had a sleepover.

2013-07-18 15.44.47

If you know me I'm not against paying to have something done as long as there is a benefit for me in the end. Call me greedy but it is what it is, if I am spending money on something I like to see a benefit.  Anyways, Cheyenne was lucky enough to have a close family friend over for a play date and a sleepover recently.  I took that as an opportunity because they both LOVE Dustin.  I persuaded them to babysit Dustin for me so I could have a quiet day to myself at the house.  They played hard all day which resulted in a sleepy toddler at night and I got to relax and just do nothing for most of the day and I am super happy about that!  They took their jobs extremely seriously I might add and I happily agreed to Cheyenne's negotiation:

  • $10 each
  • a pizza for dinner each
  • money to go to the corner store to buy a slurpee and a treat

For me that was the best investment I've made in the past couple of years!  In all honesty I would of paid them more but I won't let them know that.  Now to find a way to make them think this is their idea to do once a week…

What do you do to get a little rest in during the day?

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