Take This Fun Sporting Equipment on Your Family Camping Trip


Camping is always a fun way to spend some time with your family. Occupying a small space together can be a challenge, but you often come out the other end feeling closer than ever. There's plenty you can do when you're camping and, of course, much of it is outside. While you might sometimes stick to the campgrounds, you might want to go off and explore too. When you're packing for your next trip, there are few things you might want to take to keep the whole family occupied. Take the following sports equipment along for a fun trip for all.

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Canoes, Kayaks, Rafts and Inflatables

Going camping near water? There are lots of watery activities you can enjoy, whether you're by a river, on a lake, or even by the sea. You can often hire boats and watersports equipment, but you can also take your own. And you don't need to have a huge boat, either. You can take a family-sized canoe or kayaks if you want to do some paddling. Inflatable ones fold up small enough to pack into the car, or you can transport them on the roof or in a trailer. Other inflatables, like dinghies, are lots of fun too. Don't forget your buoyancy aids!


Cycling is a great activity to do as a family when you're camping. You're probably going to want some robust bikes for rougher terrain, although there might be some easy trails too. If you don't already own bikes, take some time to choose the best ones. Read Mountain Bike Reviewed's review of the Roadmaster Granite Peak here to get started with choosing a men's bike. When it comes to kids, don't forget to take their needs into account. They'll need something that's right for their height and provides stability. If you're riding on smooth trails, a trailer might be good for little ones.

Ball and Racket Sports Equipment

You don't have to go anywhere to have some sporting fun. If you're planning on getting active around your campsite, don't forget to take some balls and rackets with you. You might need some other equipment too, like a net for volleyball or gloves and bats for baseball. Take a football to toss around or a tennis ball and a couple of rackets. Whatever your family likes to play, pack it into your camping supplies. Even some skittles can be great fun.

Hiking Poles

Walking is a fun family activity, and when you're camping, you usually have plenty of opportunity to do it. Make sure you've got your walking boots on before you set off, and pack a bag with all your essentials. Some people like to have some extra support, especially for going up or down hill. Take some hiking poles with you if you or the kids want some extra drive while you're walking. It can help make things easier on your aging knees!

Don't forget all your sporting equipment for extra fun on your camping trip. You won't run out of things to do.


  1. Interesting post. Kayaks and inflatables are truly a fun way to spend time in the outdoors.

    Another item worth adding to the list is Campfire stuff such as Marshmallow roasting sticks, Fire Flame colors etc.

  2. I never miss taking my kayak with me wherever I go for a long time trip. Kayaking is so much fun and to explore ocean, lake and other water related beauties kayak is the best.

  3. michael jones on

    I like your selection of activities, that is a good idea. Keeping everyone entertained, making your time pass faster. And no one saying I’m bored, when are we going home. I think I’m going to try your ideas when I take my next family camping trip.

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