Surviving a Kids Sleepover in 5 Easy Steps


Part of being a parent is hosting those obnoxiously loud, yet fun sleepover! Of course we enjoy seeing our child have a blast with their friends, but it can cause our head to hurt just a little. If you are thinking about hosting a sleepover you might want to stock up on wine prepare yourself prior! I have some tips for your that will hopefully make your next sleepover run a little smoother.
5 Easy Steps surviving a kids sleepover

Surviving a Kids Sleepover in 5 Easy Steps

Set Your Maximum: Once your son or daughter knows they are having a sleepover, they might ask for more friends to stay over. Tell your child in advance how many friends they are allowed to invite over. This will save you from having more kids over than you planned on.  Also remember if you allow more than one friend it is easier if they can break into doubles so there isn't a third wheel.

Set the Ground Rules: Let all of the kids, including your own know what the rules are.

Have Entertainment: There is nothing worse than bored children! When kids get bored they start doing things you might not want them to do. Make sure to have movies, board games, video games and toys on hand. Always have a back up plan for those times when the kids seem to be getting board.

Food: If you are having several children over, you might not realize how much food they require. Grocery shop in advance and have a menu planned that includes drinks and snacks. If you are going to give the kids candy or other sweets, do it at the start of the party. If the kids want a late night snack provide chips, fruit or veggies.

Also keep in mind that not all kids like what your kids like. Have two selections for dinner and breakfast.

Headache Relief: At some point during the party you might end up with a headache. Make sure to have some Advil on hand! You might also want to have another adult in the home so you can take an hour or so to relax.


What are some good sleepover activities?

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