Summer is Over! How to get your Kids Ready to go Back to School


Summer is Over How to get your Kids Ready to go Back to School

As the days get shorter and the air gets cooler, it’s time to start preparing your child to go back to school. Make the transition from lazy summer days to crazy, busy school days an easy one with the below 4 tips.

Get Organized

Start by completely hoeing out your child’s closets and dressers. Sell or donate any items of clothing that are still in good condition but have been outgrown. Anything with rips or stains should be thrown in the trash.

Does your child have a shirt they’ve outgrown but they can’t stand to part with? Give it a fun new purpose by turning it into a back-to-school book cover.

With only good-quality wearables left after this process, it will be easy to see what your child needs to get through the school year.

Now is also a good time to go through that junk drawer filled with stray pens, pencils, and scrap paper. Set these gently-used supplies up at a homework station in a quiet area of your home.

Shop Gradually

Start school shopping for your child as soon as possible; it should be a gradual affair instead of a one day event. By expanding the number of stores you browse and the duration of time you can browse them, you’ll gain access to more sales and special deals.

Scout the internet for something like Hanna Andersson coupons for your kids clothing. This way you can order new clothes from online shops without spending any additional cash. You’ll be happy because you’re spending less money and your child will be happy because they’ll have more back-to-school outfits to choose from.

Create Routine

If your child has been staying up late, it’s time to start gradually bumping their bedtime back to a school-appropriate one. Depending on their age, they’ll need between 8 and 12 hours of rest each night in order to be alert throughout the school day.

Also, get your kid used to getting up and out of the house in the morning by scheduling errands or activities for around the time they’ll be leaving for school. Now is a great time to visit a museum or library to remind your child of just how much fun learning can be.

Contact your child’s school to find out when lunch is served so you can get your little one’s belly accustomed to the transition, as well. If you’ll be preparing bagged lunches for your child, make the task easy with these make-ahead, freezable school lunch ideas.

Address Concerns

Ask your child if they have any concerns about their first day back to school. If they express worry about making friends, schedule a few play dates with a neighborhood kid their age before school starts.

If your child is concerned about meeting their teacher or finding their way around the halls and into their locker, phone the school and ask to stop by for a tour.

Your child may have built up a big fear with an easy remedy and now is the time to address that so they can start their school year worry-free.

It’s always a bit sad to see summer come to an end and a new school year begin, but it doesn’t need to be difficult. Use the above tips to get your young one on the right track to an organized, happy, hassle-free school year.

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