Charmin Ultra Strong Delivers a Better Clean!


What's something we all use every day?  The restroom!  And what is one of the most important things in the restroom?  Toilet paper!

We keep a stockpile in our cold room because it is something you can never have enough of, in my opinion.  One thing I have never thought of is the quality of the toilet paper, usually I'm looking for the best deal to make my dollars stretch a little further.  This past month we took the Charmin Ultra Strong Challenge!

Charmin Ultra Strong Delivers a Better Clean!

The challenge: replace our regular toilet paper with Charmin Ultra Strong.

Now let's talk about quality, this is one thing I have always had at the bottom of my wants when it comes to toilet paper.  Charmin Ultra Strong's texture delivers a clean you will notice with the softness you expect for your loved ones bottoms.  You get a better clean so you use less!  The toilet paper is thick like a washcloth which makes it kid-friendly and Mom approved!  When you have a five-year-old boy in the house skid marks are usually a common occurrence.

Charmin Ultra Strong deliveres a better clean for the whole family so you can use up to 4X less verses the leading bargain brand.

Charmin Ultra Strong Challenge

That is one thing I noticed during this challenge is we used less toilet paper as a family.  We usually go through at least a 12 pack of regular rolls, but with the challenge we haven't even used all four rolls up!  They're still hanging out in the bathrooms!   But that being said the four rolls that come in a pack are seriously HUGE! A win all around for softness and on my wallet.

The benefits I noticed from the challenge:

  • kid-friendly which resulted in no scrubbing underwear
  • fewer empty rolls left for me to change
  • soft and durable
  • better clean for the whole family

Chrarmin Ultra Strong is now on my list as our favorite toilet paper!  I love how there aren't empty rolls in the bathroom needing to be changed.  Time to stock up for the winter!

What's do you look for in a toilet paper?

Charmin ultra strong

I received compensation from Charmin for this post, but all the opinions are my own!


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