Some Advice for Tourists Going to Biking in Barcelo


There are lots of notable landmarks to explore in Barcelona, explaining the reason why it is the third most visited city in all of Europe. For most people, bike riding offers them the best chance to really see and appreciate Arc de Triumph Barcelona, Cathedral de Barcelona, and Christopher Columbus Monument among other famous sights. Following some advice for tourists doing Spain tours is a great way to ensure you have a wonderful experience.

Tibidabo, Barcelona, Spain

And, if you’re looking to maximize your bike riding experience, visit the free bike tour website for a free ride. Free Bike Tour Barcelona was launched in 2016 to encourage the people of Barcelona to go for bike tours. The company limits the number of people they go on tour with. Therefore, be sure so book your spots early.

Below are pieces of advice to help you enjoy your stay in Barcelona.

1. Be Courteous

Of course, this sounds pretty obvious. Barcelona locals will warm up to you more easily when simple basics such as appreciating them with a “thank you”, where necessary in addition to greeting them are followed. Considering the fact that you would be meeting them during your bike tour Barcelona, winning them over is a big plus.

2. Learn to Speak Catalan

There is no way you can say all Catalan words in a few days but picking up simple words helps in building high-quality relationships with locals. Since the words “thank you” and a greeting like “good morning” can go a long way in helping you win over the locals, learning simple words like “gracies – thank you” and “bon dia – good morning” should not pose much of a challenge.

3. Join a Biking Group

Exploring the largest Catalan city with others will definitely heighten your experience and make the biking tour more memorable. If you are not visiting with a group of friends, taking advantage of a free bike tour is the way to go.Some Advice for Tourists Going to Biking in Barcelo

4. Follow a Guide

This goes beyond having someone to tell you the history of a landmark, there are other good reasons why you need a guide. While locals are generally peace-loving people, you cannot take away the fact that there are a few bad ones too. To avoid pickpockets among other vices, it is best to tour the city on a bike with a guide that knows the area.

5. Choose the Landmarks to Cover

Barcelona has got lots of places to interest tourists on a biking tour. Choosing the landmarks to cover depending on how much time you have on your hands is important. You can search the internet to learn about the number of famous sights you can cover on a biking tour in as little as 3 hours.

6. Plan for Kids

If you are visiting with kids, it is important to make special arrangements. Private tours remain one of the best options as it allows for flexible schedules. This makes it possible for you to explore this amazing city with the members of your family.

This list is not exhaustive and only offers some advice for tourists going to biking in Barcelona.

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