The Best Deals On Flower Girl Dresses


The flower girl often walks down the aisle before anyone else, tossing flower petals and heralding the approach of the bridge. Thus, the flower girl’s dress is an important part of the procession. There are a few stylistic regularities for most of the common and trendiest flower girl dresses: the A-line silhouette, the tulle/lace combination, for example, provide the stylistic blueprint for most options.

first communion dress

Flower girl dresses are typically designed to be shorter in length in order to provide mobility for little legs with a big job to do. Here are a few of the best deals on great-looking flower girl dresses.

  • A-Line/Princess Length Flower Girl Dress – Tulle/Lace Sleeveless Straps With Rhinestone
    • This dress is just as functional as it is elegant. The rhinestone look is decorative and catch the eye, but the sleeveless straps are practical. Available at an incredible 60% off. Comes made-to-order. Available in white and pink.
  • A-Line Princess Tea-Length Flower Girl Dress – Satin/Tulle/Lace Sleeveless Scoop Neck (with Sash/Bow(s)/ Back Hole)
    • It’s not a stretch to say that this dress has a little bit of everything. A sash and bow combination in the back, lace, satin and tulle combination, a tea-length for even the most elegant of flower girls. Available in a wide variety of sizes and colors, this dress can also fit with with just about any aesthetic or wedding motif.
  • A-Line Princess Knee-length Flower Girl Dress– Tulle/Lace Sleeveless
    • This dress is formal and graceful, and has one of the most beautiful lace backs on the market. The sash comes in one of seven colors, and the dress itself comes in pink or white.
  • Ball Gown Floor Length Flower Girl Dress – Tulle/Lace Half Sleeves Scoop Neck (with Sequins)
    • With this dress, your little princess will feel like an irreplaceable part of any distinguished wedding party. It has the full length of a ball gown, the lace design of a wedding dress, and the sequins of a prom dress. Available in one of seven colors, from a palette of pastel pinks and yellows that are perfect for spring and summer wedding.
  • A-Line Princess Knee-length Flower Girl Dress – Tulle/Lace Short Sleeves Scoop Neck with Sash/Flower/Back Hole
    • This is an absolutely beautiful toddler flower girl dress that is as understated as it is fancy. The back hole dips down below a flower back band, and stays framed against a prominent sash and bow in the back that comes in a variety of colors. The lace adds a layer of distinguished decorum as well. Best of all, this dress is available right now for 60% off, which brings its price point a full $100 down from the original.

Finding the right toddler flower girl dresses may seem like an overwhelming task loaded with societal and/or familiar pressures. But you should also take solace in the sheer amount of styles and options available to you.

Flower girl dresses typically run somewhere between $50 and $150, but they can be even pricier, depending on the scale and budget of the wedding. You are bound to find something for your little flower girl that she looks great in, feels great in, and something that fits with the overarching aesthetic of the wedding celebration itself.

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