Why Social Work is a Great Career for Single Moms


Single parents often feel career options are limited due to being responsible for raising children. However, social work is a great career choice for single moms because there are so many job possibilities to choose from, including hospital social worker, school-related social work, and nursing home social services, to name a few. Here are a few reasons why single parents can do very well in social work careers.


Social work jobs are many and varied. Nursing homes and communities hire social workers to oversee a specific or expansive population segment. Social work is needed in human services for those receiving government assistance as well as in the medical community where social workers help to evaluate patient needs and coordinate short-term or long-term rehabilitation and nursing care. Social workers also help troubled families and foster kids or adopted children placements. Whatever a person's other interests, chances are social work is somehow connected as a possible job.


A bachelor's in social work can be earned on a part-time or online basis, both of which can be orchestrated in conjunction with a single parent's schedule. Over time, a social worker may decide to pursue a master's degree for managerial or administrative roles, or a doctorate to teach. Someone who is interested in with older kids could study for a masters in social work online. There are plenty of opportunities to develop professionally within the social work field.


Many social workers travel for their jobs. Others work part-time or have a choice of job shift, for example, working days while kids are in school. Some social work can be conducted via videoconferencing or telephone consultations with convenient scheduling for busy single moms. Parents who need time to care for a sick child or to attend special school events can usually request time off, which, depending on the job, may or may not be considered as paid leave. Social workers sometimes move from one type to another where they perceive more interesting opportunities or less stress.

Helping others of all ages with daily life needs is the basis for a meaningful occupation. However, a single mother will need to put her children's needs first, and social work accommodates that need in various ways. Moms who are looking for an exciting and engaging career may find social work to be one of their best options while raising their children.

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