Six Household Products with the Most Harmful Chemicals in Them


Do you truly know what is in that bottle of perfume or can of cleaner? While going green seems to be a popular choice these days, it is also a smart one. So many harmful additives can be hiding in your home, and tossing some of these products out is a great way to ensure your family's well-being is not at risk.

Six Household Products with the Most Harmful Chemicals in Them

Household Cleaners
Cleaning products are among the biggest culprits of packing harmful chemicals into their bottles. Ingredients like 2-Butoxyethanol can be found in many multi-purpose cleaners, and have been linked to health issues ranging from sore throats to kidney damage. Using vinegar, lemon juice, and baking soda in your daily cleaning routine will not only have your house sparkling, but cut the risk of medical problems down the road.

Beauty Products
From lipstick to shampoo, a woman can being lathering on a plethora of chemicals each day without even realizing it. 1,4-dioxane and formaldehyde are added to shampoos and soaps to create lather, but are also known to cause cancer. Opt instead for cruelty-free cosmetics produced with mineral oil. Natural shampoos and Natural Dog Products are even available for Rover as well.

Water Bottles
Not only are water bottles bad for the planet, they are bad for your health. Made with petroleum distillates, the harmful chemicals found in these are full of nasty side effects such as hormone imbalances and cancer. Metal bottles you can re-wash are much more aesthetically pleasing and safer!

Dryer Sheets
While they make your laundry smell lovely and keep wrinkles at bay, dryer sheets are a no-no for laundry day. They coat your clothing with quaternary ammonium salts that can cause skin irritation as well as respiratory problems. Instead, try a tightly balled up sheet of aluminum foil to keep static cling down.

Air Fresheners
Unfortunately, formaldehyde is often found in your lemon scented spray you love spritzing room to room, but there are other ways to keep your home smelling fresh. Running lemon rinds through the garbage disposal and stovetop potpourri are great ways to keep odors down, and health concerns away.

Antibacterial Soap
Although banishing bacteria sounds like a good idea, the risk of breast cancer that comes with the triclosan found inside it doesn't. Regular old hand soap works just fine, and won't pose a risk to your health.

While you may not utilize these items every day, it is still a good idea to steer clear from these products. A bottle of drain cleaner or water bottle is simply not worth the risk.


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