Simple Tips for Cleaning Your Kitchen


It seems like right now is the perfect time to start fresh and clean out the house!  I don't know where I got my motivation from but once I got going I couldn't stop.  I found that decluttering the space before I started was a big help and then I proceeded with a plan to tackle my problem areas.  After the countertops are clear of clutter you can start attacking the problem areas.

Simple Tips for Cleaning Your Kitchen

Roll up those sleeves and let's get to work! 

Dishwasher – Remove the drawers and spindles.  Clean under them and under the gaskets to get rid of odors.  After you put the dishwasher back to normal use a dishwasher cleaner and run the dishwasher empty through a wash cycle.

Refrigerator – A few places to deep clean is under the rubber gasket and the walls!  I like to use a baking soda, vinegar and water combo to give it a deep clean and get rid of odors and hidden food particles.

Tile – A problem area in my kitchen is the tile grout but a simple way to cut the grime and stains is to use a 50/50 blend of water and hydrogen peroxide!  Spray the solution on your problem areas and let it sit for about 30 minutes and wipe clean!  If you have colored grout you might want to do a small test area before to ensure the peroxide won't take the color out of the grout.  For more tips click here.

Microwave – a simple way to clean and deodorize the microwave place a mug full water, 1t vinegar and 5 drops of lemon juice and turn on for 2-3 minutes.  Using the water from the cup wipe down the inside of the microwave then rinse with clean water.

As long as you have a plan of attack and the motivation to get things done your kitchen will be clean and refreshed in no time!  Starting with a clutter-free kitchen is the best tip I've learned after that everything else is a lot easier.

What are your kitchen cleaning tips?

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