Simple Tips for A Flawless Family Road Trip


Getting the family together for a road trip can be quite an ordeal.  And between heavy traffic, bored or restless kids and driver fatigue, the process of getting there can test anyone's patience. With diligent planning from fuel costs to rest stops you can make the experience enjoyable for everyone rather than frustrating.

Simple Tips for A Flawless Family Road Trip

Simple Tips for A Flawless Family Road Trip

A few tips I like to use to make the most out of our family road trip include:

Before You Go

  • Map your journey from beginning to end, I'm sure you have your favorite online apps or maybe you'll go a little old school and use a real map!
  • Calculate your gas costs.  If you use a tool like RoadTrippers to plan your road trip they estimate fuel costs for you.
  • Take the car in for a tune-up.
  • Know the biker law in the area and always keep an eye out for motorcyclists
  • Timing is everything, all extra time for traffic jams, road construction and other factors you can't control.

On the Road

  • Start fresh!  Rather than piling everyone in the car at sunrise get a good night sleep and hit the road well rested.
  • Be safe, make sure all seat belts are buckled and kids are in their properly installed child safety seats before you start the car.
  • Keep the kids busy by packing games, books and activities to pass the time while on the road.
  • Stop to refresh, take a break to stretch and enjoy the scenery there are many great rest stops along the way no matter what route you take, enjoy the family time together!


Make your next family road trip flawless by following these easy tips.  Remember that the kids are only young once and creating fun memories is a huge part of their childhood so have fun, be safe and get ready for your next adventure!

Before you hit the road speak to an insurance agent near you to make sure you're covered!

What's your best road trip tip?

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