Parenting 101: What to do if Your Child Experiences a Severe Injury


Parenting 101 What to do if Your Child Experiences a Severe Injury

Reasons for Injuries

If you are a parent, then preparing for severe injuries is vital to save a child’s life. No one wants to think about an emergency situation occurring to a child, but a bicycle, pedestrian or vehicle accident is possible at any time of the day or night. Accidents also happen at home or school due to playing rough contact sports or falling down a flight of stairs.

Begin First Aid Procedures

Everyone should take a first aid class to learn updated lifesaving methods for cardiopulmonary resuscitation. You will understand how to check for external or internal injuries to know the proper procedures to apply immediately. It is important to have a well-stocked first aid kit with items such as a defibrillator, tourniquets and airway devices necessary to maintain body functions until emergency assistance arrives.

Call Emergency Medical Technicians

Contacting paramedics or emergency medical technicians as quickly as possible is necessary. If other people are nearby, then tell them to call the local toll-free emergency number while providing first aid. Alternatively, always have a charged cell phone ready to call for help when no one else is available. Remain calm while talking to the person who answers the call, making sure to not disconnect to provide accurate directions to responders.

Travel to the Hospital

Prepare to travel immediately to the hospital with your child in the ambulance or in a friend’s vehicle. Driving on your own is not recommended due to the dangers of feeling stressed and anxious. Upon arriving at the hospital, the medical team may need information quickly concerning the exact cause of the injury in order to begin the most appropriate treatment. Make sure to read any documents carefully that are provided from hospital employees or other individuals.

Contact Insurance Providers

After your child is safe and in a stabilized condition, contact a medical insurance provider to begin collecting documentation of injuries and treatments. Ask hospital employees for copies of medical images and other diagnostic information to have if it is required later. Learn how to read and understand the various medical codes used for billing to determine if the charges are accurate.

Get Legal Assistance

A personal injury lawyer can provide legal advice during this time to ensure a family receives financial compensation to pay for medical bills and other necessities. The courts often rule that financial compensation is justified when another person was negligent or products were defective, leading to severe injuries that affect a child’s daily living and future plans (Source:

Keep Medical Records

File and maintain medical records, photographs and personal testimonies concerning your child’s accident, injuries and hospitalization for several years in a safe location. In many cases, an injury experienced by a child that seems to heal while in the hospital becomes a lifelong health problem that requires more medical treatment. Keeping documentation from a child’s accident can help a parent win a personal injury lawsuit.

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