Security Features to Add in Your Home Once You Have Kids


Every year, thousands of children are injured in home-related accidents. While your home may seem safe, there are probably a number of things that could prove hazardous to a child.

One of the best ways to avoid unnecessary accidents is to child-proof your home as soon as your children become toddlers. Most of the devices used to child-proof your home are inexpensive and can be found in most retail stores, dollar stores, or hardware stores. Childproof devices are only good if they are installed and operated correctly. And remember, nothing is 100 percent childproof. A few youngsters have been known to disable them. So adults still should keep a watchful eye.

The following are some of the best safety features you can use in your home.

Cabinet Locks

Latches and locks in kitchens, bathrooms, and other cabinets can prevent small children from finding poisons, flammable items, and other things that can cause harm. Even bottles that say childproof may not be as child proof as you like. The best thing you can do is lock any and all potentially dangerous items away from curious youngsters.

Safety Gates

Safety gates and doors can prevent dangerous falls. For whatever reasons, children are intrigued by staircases. A good and sturdy safety door will keep the child safely put. Be sure to get gates that have the small “V” shapes. This will prevent a child's head and neck from getting trapped.

Outlet Covers

Outlet covers will prevent your youngster from getting electrocuted. These plates are easy to plug in and children cannot remove them.

Pool and Spa Protectors

Each year, hundreds of small children drown after falling into unprotected pools and spas. If you have a pool, it is a good idea to surround the pool with a barrier. Add an alarm for even more protection. Also, make sure there are secure locks that children cannot open.

Other security features you should have include window guards to prevent children from falling, corner and edge bumpers so that a child cannot get cut, cordless window coverings can prevent a child from getting strangled, anti-scald devices, carbon monoxide detectors, security doors, and even smoke alarms.

Unfortunately, children are very curious. They love to explore and will often get into things they shouldn't. The only way to prevent this is by childproofing your home. While nothing is 100 percent, adding certain layers of safety to your home will give you much better peace of mind.

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