4 Ways to Support Your Spouse After an Accident


Every year 30.8 million people will visit emergency rooms visit emergency rooms in the United States for treatment of an unintentional injury. Some of the injuries are minor enough to allow people to return to their normal schedules almost immediately. Many others will spend months or years in therapy. Friends and family can make the challenge of accident recovery easier for their loved ones. Here are four examples of how to offer loving support to an injured spouse.

Keep Your Patience

It is unfair to expect people to instantly recover. It can sometimes take days or longer for injuries to even become noticeable after an accident. Everyone heals at their own rate, both emotionally and physically. Encourage your loved one to follow the instructions of their doctor and do not push them to do more than is healthy or to return to work until they are able.

Manage the Budget 

An accident raises expenses and lowers income for the family affected. Do not allow financial woes to affect your marriage or complicate the recovery of your spouse. Take on the extra responsibility of budgeting and managing the checkbook if this was their usual chore. Look into short term disability benefits and government assistance programs. Consider the possibility of an accident claim. Firms like Siben & Siben LLP help personal injury victims to receive compensation to keep cover all their recovery expenses.

Stay Updated Medically

Pain affects concentration and memory. An accident victim can easily forget doctor appointments or become confused about what they can and cannot do. Attend all therapy and doctor appointments with them. If that is not possible, ask the doctor to email appointment summaries. Medical providers will need permission to share the information.

Let Them Talk 

Accident victims feel shame, frustration, and anger when they struggle physically or are in pain. The emotional trauma is also debilitating. Allow your spouse the time they need to talk through their feelings. In most cases, they only want to vent and are not looking for a solution from you. Encourage professional counseling if their emotions seem to be holding back their recovery.

All recovery processes are unique due to the type of incident, the extent of the injuries and the specific needs of each patient. Spousal support is often the most motivating factor during an accident recovery. A husband or wife knows their spouse better than anyone else and their familiarity helps them to understand how to motivate and support them.

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