The Secret To Being Happy


I'm reminded each and every day that I can make the decision to be happy.  I know for some of us it isn't easy or it might be next to impossible due to depression or another form of illness but we can make decisions that make us happy this minute.

I truly believe that life is too short to care about what other people think there is only enough time to make ourselves happy.  You attract what you put out there right?  Well if you're sitting around upset and being negative what do you think is going to happen?  That's right you'll attract more of the same feeling.  Crazy right?!

The Secret to Being Happy

The Secret To Being Happy

Some might say its a secret but truly its a mindset, you choose how you want to feel and put all your energy towards that new feeling of joy, happiness, laughter and slowly your mood starts to shift.

One can give various examples of how the mind can influence our body:

  • If we are tense we often get a headache, backache and the list goes on
  • Heart attacks are directly linked to worry and tension
  • By self-talk, motivation, and positive attitude we can become happy and successful
  • Through hypnosis one can have command over another person's mind and body
  • Through meditation one can have a healthy body and extra sensory abilities

It took me a long time to start thinking of myself and listening to what I really wanted.  When you find your own voice and sense of self it is easier to be happy and set yourself up for success.  The mind truly has some extraordinary powers and the power of positive thinking and a positive outlook on life will keep you in like with being happy.  That simply is the secret!

So clear your mind and learn how to breathe and be you again.  Nobody can take your thoughts away from you no matter how hard they try.  I often get caught up in the everyday hustle of life and forget to check in with myself, I've made a promise to never do that again, I am too important.  I've set an alarm on my phone to take a moment to just breathe, meditate and collect myself.  It honestly just takes a moment, try this iPhone app you'll love it – One-Moment Meditation!

Abraham Lincoln has beautifully expressed it: “Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be”.


I encourage you to stop, breathe, and enjoy the moment right now!  Be thankful for today and stay positive, there is a phenomenal power in positive thinking!

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