Clearing My Mind and Learning How to Breathe


I have been playing catch up in life lately between juggling kids, work, marriage, and life I seem to have left me behind.  I know right I preach it to you all the time that you have to take care of YOU before you can take care of everything and everyone else.  So I decided to start clearing my mind and listening to what my body needs instead of just coping with what is in front of me at the time.  One of the major things I realized is:

Celebrate the little things like what actually got done today instead of getting down on myself for not doing the 153 other things I was suppose to

That's right celebrate in the simple things like actually accomplishing something!!  The rest of stuff on your list can wait there will be another day and there will be more time to get it finished.  I started asking myself:

Will this matter in a year if I don't get it done NOW

I know a year is a long time but you get the point, in the future will cleaning the bathroom today really make a big difference in the way my life turned out.  Chances are your answer will be no so IT CAN WAIT.  I gave myself permission to just be ok with not doing everything and being everything to everyone, trust me it is draining and there are not enough hours in the day.  I don't know if you read my post about My Life This Week As A Mom but I had a HUGE slap in the face when I realized that I was making life work for me and not my family as a whole.  So breathe, take a moment to reflect, and MOVE past it.

That's my advice just breathe!  Sometimes we get so busy trying to manipulate things to work how we want them to and get so stressed out that we forget to breathe and enjoy the moment.  It is like learning to breathe all over again, just sit quiet and practice breathing in and out and thinking of nothing except that for just a moment it will work wonders!!

So right now at this exact moment what do you have to be thankful for?

I know I have a lot of things, for one you're reading this!  Another would be how independent Cheyenne is geting, which I LOVE, she is an amazing six year old that I can learn so many things from.  My two year old is having a nap and I am able to take a few minutes to myself to reflect on this week.  And the list goes on…

I am off to the Children's Hospital this weekend to hopefully get some answers on why we had to spend a week there this summer as a result of Cheyenne being sick and having a growth on her throat.  I would really appreciate some positive vibes from you all that we can actually get a solution and fingers crossed she will have perfect test results :).

Wishing you all a safe and happy weekend!

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