Roofing Repairs in Canton Michigan


The maintenance and safety of your home is something you should never put in jeopardy but you might be doing that and not even realize.  There are many reasons why you would need roof repairs other than age or damage.  For roofing repairs in Canton Michigan now is the perfect time to get your roof inspected before the temperatures start to drop and the harsh winter weather arrives.

Roofing repairs canton Michigan

You can never be too prepared when it comes to roof maintenance, yearly storms can put wear on shingles and compromise your roof.  A professional roofer can spot issues you might not see because they're highly trained and know exactly what to look for.
There are a few things you can watch for that would indicate it might be time for a new roof.  Let's start indoors:
  1. Drop in cooling or heating efficiency – if you notice a huge fluctuation in your monthly utility bills this is a good indication that you might have an air and temperature leaking problem with your roof.
  2. Damp walls or ceilings – letting in excess moisture is one of the biggest issues with a damaged roof.  If you see signs of water running or pooling behind interior walls or the ceiling you either have a leak or a plumbing issue.
  3. Peeling wallpaper and paint – if you notice wallpaper or paint peeling from the walls your drywall is more than likely wet from water seepage from the roof.

A simple way to notice that it might be time for a roof replacement is when multiple neighbors have hired roofers. If that isn't the case and you haven't noticed any of those signs indoors you should do a quick check on the exterior of your home.

Take a walk around your home looking at the roof surface from a distance, a few signs you can look for are:

  1. Rough looking or damaged shingles – this is a simple sign to recognize and an excellent indicator it is time to call a professional roofer.
  2. Sagging or buckling – if your roof is leaning inward or you notice the ridges of your roof aren't parallel to the ground this is a sign of structural issues.
  3. Discolored patches – your older shingles might be wearing away or the growth of moss and algae can cause darker or lighter spots in the roof.

If you notice any of these signs and don't want to get adventurous and climb onto the roof or explore the attic then contact the professional roofers at Tittle Brother Construction.  They provide you with quality products, professional installation and exceptional customer service. They believe in putting the customer first and offer a personal guarantee of workmanship quality to deliver a roof that is strong and longer lasting than any other.

As a homeowner, it is important to know when your roof needs maintenance and how you can spot the signs.  For more information or to talk to a professional roofer contact the Canton Michigan Roofing Contractors today.

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