Roofing Contractors in Farmington Hills, Michigan


The appearance of your home or business is important.  You might have noticed that your roof is showing signs of wear such as loose or curling shingles.   If you're looking for roofing contractors in Farmington Hills, Michigan we have a few suggestions to help you find a reliable company you can trust.

Roofing Contractors in Farmington Hills, Michigan

Finding a certified and licensed roofing contractor in Farmington Hills, Michigan is easier than you think.  At Allpoint Roofing they take pride in their customer service, quality products, and trained professionals.  They also offer perks such as lifetime warranty on all new roofs, 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back, and one-day installation in most instances.

They take pride in the services they offer:

  • tear-offs,
  • re-roofs,
  • roof shoveling,
  • roofing repairs,
  • new roof installation,
  • protective roof coatings,
  • roof ice dam removal,
  • skylight installation and repair,
  • protective roof coatings,
  • roof inspections, and
  • roof ventilation and upgrades

The trained roofing professionals are fully endorsed GAF and CertainTeed, and our roofing experts receive yearly training to update them in the latest industry techniques.  They also offer lots of roofing styles to choose from, including traditional, metal, and flat roofing along with affordable financing options and payment plans.

Prepare Your Roof for the Winter Months

With over 20 years of roofing experience, the professionals are here to help and are full of great tips to keep your roof in the best shape possible.  Winters can be harsh with intense storms and heavy snowfalls, with a few tips you can easily keep your roof in great condition all winter long.

To prevent winter roof damage the roofing contractors in Farmington Hills, Michigan recommend:

  1. Brush off Autumn leaves
  2. Time back the tree branches
  3. Clear the gutters
  4. Get a roof inspection

These are easy steps you can take to ensure your roof is in the right condition before the harsh winter months hit.  Allpoint Roofing offers free inspections that will help you pinpoint any issues you might experience, they can help you fix the small flaws and damages before winter hits and they become bigger issues.

During the winter they recommend clearing gutter ice dams and to check your attic for signs of dampness and ice dams.  When all else fails you can always call the professionals as they offer a 24/7 Emergency Response Roofing Team on call, year-round because you never know when a winter storm is going to hit.

Contact the roofing Contractors in Farmington Hills, Michigan to ensure your home is ready for winter.


  1. Kristopher Stocker on

    Wow, thanks for writing this! I have to agree with everything you are saying here. Especially the part about keeping your gutters cleaned. Although the gutters are not part of the roof, they are still kind of attached to it. Once the gutters get clogged the water will overflow. Water will start to damage the fascia board that the gutter is mounted to. After the fascia board gets a little rotted, the water now has an easy access point into your home.
    Keep your gutter cleaned to prevent all types of water damage to the structure of your home.
    Thanks again!

  2. Kevin Grey on

    Oh! Great, I am exactly looking for the roof repair because my roof is now 20 years or more, I didn’t replace it so now , I am thinking to replace my roof and it’s a nice written! Thanks for sharing!

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