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I'm not sure if you follow me on any social media sites but you might of seen a few of my posts on Facebook or Twitter about what to pack or Mexico on Monday!!   It was a last minute idea as we are able to meet up with some family who will be down there and we just couldn't turn down and amazing vacation opportunity.  We have honestly never taken the kids on a destination holiday so we are very excited to be headed to Mexico soon!

We will be staying at Playa Las Tortugas and I am VERY excited.  I love the feeling when you are getting ready for vacation and feel like a kid again!!  And then reality sets in on everything you need to do BEFORE you go, ugh.  But have no fear it will be well worth the piece of mind and the relaxation I can have while away.

This week has been full of getting almost two weeks ahead of myself in paperwork and making sure everything is in order at the store in hopes that things will run smoothly and they won't have to contact me.  Really do I want to be answering my phone while I'm enjoying an ice cold cocktail or two on the beach?!  I think not.  Then there is the house and the cleaning, laundry, and just a few little extra catch up things like yard work to get done before hand.  So needless to say I have been a little busier than usual but time is flying by.

Now on to packing.  Just what does a person pack?  I haven't been to a hot destination since our honeymoon in 2005, we were married in 2004 but decided to take our honeymoon when its cold instead.  So I have been doing a little reading and figuring out just what to pack and what to purchase when we land.  Luckily my bloggy friend Journeys of the Zoo has some amazing pointers to share as she spends a few months in Mexico every year with her family.  But really do clothes matter when you're on holidays, I plan on spending most of the time in my bathing suit on the beach either reading a good book, sun tanning, napping, or playing in the water!

Mophie Juice Pack

I think I was most concerned about having some backup power for our electronic gadgets, I know I'm on vacation I don't need them, but really I do!  I also thought it would come in handy on our longer flight.  I use the iPad for reading with the FREE kindle app….LOVE it!  Then my iPhone I love everything from the camera, and since I have a [amazon_link id=”B005WUH9X4″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]lifeproof[/amazon_link] case I am not concerned about the sand or water ruining my case, to instagram, facebook, and twitter!  So I bought a [amazon_link id=”B007RMQ3H8″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]mophie juice pack[/amazon_link], and I will be sure to give you a review of what I think while on vacation!

Today I'll be at a wedding enjoying the bliss of a happy couple and getting dressed up!!  I honestly don't get all fancy very often so it is actually something I look forward to, I love my yoga clothes but sometimes a girl just needs to feel pretty!  Stay tuned for my list of what I'm reading while on vacation, you're not going to want to miss it :).

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