Potty Training Tips and Tricks with Charmin


I remember the days of potty training; they are a blur to me now, but I remember the excitement as the kids transitioned from diapers to being a big kid who could use the potty!

How and when do you start potty training?

I think this answer is different for every family because there is no right or wrong.  The most important thing is to face this new challenge with an open mind and be ready for a few accidents along the way.

I’m sharing a few of my tips and tricks that helped the kids, and I conquer the challenge of potty training.

Tip 1 – Practice Patience

This was the most important tip for me.  To make the transition smooth you’ll need to have patience.  Get accustomed to asking if it is potty time over and over again. Also, you’ll need to get used to sitting in the bathroom playing the waiting game!  Always remember your partner in potty training is young and they’ve never done this before.

Tip 2 – Readiness Indicators

I find the best way to notice the signs your little one is ready is by paying a little closer attention to the little things like:

  • Have they become curious about the bathroom and what goes on in there?
  • They know when their diaper needs to be changed.
  • They tend to hide when they go #2

A few other things to pay closer attention to is dry diapers after naps or in the morning and of course being able to follow simple instructions.

Potty Training Tool Kit

Tip 3 – Potty Training Tool Kit

I like to keep the essentials on hand because I know that I’m going to be spending a lot of time in the bathroom.  The right toilet paper makes all the difference, did you know Charmin Ultra Strong has 4x the strength* so that you can feel your cleanest self?

*when wet vs. the leading bargain brand

Our potty training essential basket includes:

My kids loved simple things like temporary tattoos or stickers as a reward for having a successful bathroom visit.

Tip 4 – Teach the Importance of Not Being Wasteful

This was a hard one for me because how much toilet paper is enough?  A trick I learned from Charmin is to show your child how to pull enough sheets to reach from their wrist to their elbow. This should be sufficient for an easy clean up, and if they need more, they use the same method again.

One important lesson we’ve learned about wiping to prevent irritation on private parts is wipe front to back.  Also for boys to sit down when learning to pee in the potty is a great habit for them growing up and less mess to clean up!

Potty Training Tips and Tricks with Charmin

Tip 5 – Proper Hygiene

Now is the perfect time to teach the importance of proper hand washing and practicing the ABC’s at the same time!  I always kept a fun foaming soap on hand for the kids so they could lather up while we sang the ABC’s together.

Even if potty training is a slow process remember to celebrate the accomplishments and be proud.  Showing your enthusiasm and encouragement when it comes to potty training will help build confidence in your little one. You’ve got this!

What’s your best potty training tip?

I received compensation from Charmin for this post, but all the opinions are my own!

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