4 Ways to Organize Your Family’s Belongings Once and for All


Every family has “that drawer” somewhere in the house. You know the one. It's piled to the brim and filled with everything from old receipts to broken pens to random batteries. Whenever you have something and aren't exactly sure where to put it, it gets tossed into the drawer and will probably never be touched again. Keeping an organized home isn't just about appearance; while a tidy house does look great, getting organized helps keep stress levels down. Instead of having to run all over the house in the morning looking for the day's essentials, you can always know where something is and keep your household running like a well-oiled machine. Read on for four easy organization tips to get your family's belongings in order once and for all.

4 Ways to Organize Your Family's Belongings Once and for All

Clean Out Closets and Pantries Quarterly

Spring cleaning comes only once a year, which means there's a 12-month period for clothes and other non-essentials to build up. Instead of waiting for spring to arrive, set apart a weekend every four months to go through your closets, pantries and other storage units to clean out anything you no longer use. This is a great idea because it allows you to remove season clothes you don't need rather than leaving you with four seasons' worth of wardrobe to go through.

Organize Drawers with Silverware Holders

Pick up a few plastic silverware holders and place them in the spare drawers of your house and even your desk. They're cheap and perfect for organizing pens, pencils and other knickknacks and cut out any extra space that would encourage clutter.

Designate Areas for Bags, Coats, and Shoes

Hang hooks near the front door for bags and backpacks. When you come home from work, place yours there. Have kids hang their book bags as soon as they arrive and place homework in it before the next morning. You can also place small bowls or containers near the door and use them as key and wallet holders. It will take some practice to train your brain to use them, but eventually, you'll be able to always know where your must-haves are and be able to skip the whole pocket-slapping, house-scouring dance.

Rent a Storage Unit

Plastic bins are fine and dandy, but they can quickly accumulate clutter and become a problem in and of themselves. Instead of relying on boxes and bins to toss things, invest your money into a storage unit rental. These come in various sizes and for different durations; they're the perfect way to get things out of the house without doing away with them for good. Some companies, like North Star Mini Storage, know what it’s like to deal with excess clutter in the house. Whether it's bulky boxes of Christmas decorations, hand-me-downs or all the other things you're just too attached to part with, a storage unit is the best place to tuck them away while you still have them.

A Clean Home is a Happy Home

The mess in your house can lead to stress, frustration and pointless arguments. Although getting organized is a big hurdle, it's a mountain worth climbing. Organizing your house can also be done in increments to make things easier; start with drawer organizers and folders for documents, then move on to bigger projects like bookshelves, closets and, if you have one, the garage.

With some teamwork, your family can organize their belongings and create new memories all while making their house truly feel like home with a place for everyone and everything.


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