A Night Out: 5 Fun Adventures to Try Out with Your Friends


If you want to enjoy a fun night out with your friends, there are likely many activities in your area that you can try. These activities will allow all of you to have a good time together while strengthening your friendship bond. Any of these five activities will make the perfect night out with friends.

Attend a Painting Class

Painting portraits isn’t just for professional artists. Many art studios host group classes that allow you and your friends to have fun while creating your own masterpieces. No one in your group has to have any art experience or skills to attend a class. After everyone has selected an image that you’d all like to paint from the studio’s image library, an instructor will lead you through the creation process. Each of you will be able to take home your own paintings at the end of the class.

Go Ice Skating

Ice rinks in your area probably have evening public sessions open for you and your friends to go skating. Most of these sessions are on the weekends, and you may be able to skate on a session that includes music played by a DJ and fancy strobe lights to enhance the atmosphere. Skate rentals are available for everyone who doesn’t have their own skates.

Try an Escape Room

When you go to an escape room, like Expedition Escape, your group will be given clues and puzzles that you must solve together in order to free yourself from the room. You’ll need to finish within a certain time frame for you to win the challenge. Staff members will always be available to provide additional help and let you out of the room if you’re unable to solve everything.

Sample Some Wine

Attending a wine tasting event offers a classier and safer alternative to meeting up with friends at a bar. Small samples of red and white wines will be available for everyone to try. Snacks and hors d’oeuvres are also usually served. Sampling these wines instead of ordering rounds of drinks will help everyone stay sober and make it safer to return home after the event.

Play Laser Tag

You can relive your childhood by playing a game of laser tag with your friends. It should be easy to find a laser tag center near you that has an elaborate maze where group members can challenge one another. You’ll all be wearing special sensors and using laser guns throughout the game.

These activities offer unique alternatives to standard get-togethers and give you and your friends the chance to try something new. Your entire group is sure to have a good time when you spend the evening partaking in any of these activities.


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