Moving the Family to the City? 5 Steps to Finding a Great Apartment


If you plan on moving to the city with your family, you may find the task of apartment hunting difficult. After all, many apartments are meant for singles and couples not men and women with children

Know How Many Rooms You Must Have to Be Comfortable

Real estate is rented by the square foot. If you have family members who can share a room, it could save you money. When looking for a great apartment to rent, you need to know just how many rooms you can get by with to be comfortable.

Start Searching Online Directories to See What Is Available

Companies like EXR provide a directory of available apartments in the city. The company also puts you into contact with landlords who may have a dwelling better suited to you and your family. You’ll have no trouble finding the latest listings by bookmarking the site and visiting it regularly.

Pare down Your Belongings in Case You Must Move into a Smaller Place

If you have a lot of stuff from your former home, you can sell or donate it to make room for your family in a smaller apartment. You’ll want to do this before you move so that it doesn’t become an issue to store the items. Get rid of them now and benefit from the extra cash and breathing room you have for you and your family.

Make Sure Your References Are Ready to Give You a Referral

If you’ve rented in the past and have a good history with your landlords, you’ll want to ask for their permission to be listed as references on your rental application. Handing out the private information of the person you rented from without first speaking to them about it is a big no-no. Be considerate of the person’s time and personal information so they want to help you find a new place to live in the future.

Keep Your Eyes and Mind Open

Be open minded about the space you’ll rent. Keep looking until you find an apartment suitable for you and your family. Also, let go of the crazy expectations you have when it comes to amenities because you won’t get everything you want in a big city, unfortunately.


The sooner you recognize the five steps it takes to find a great apartment, the easier time you’ll have settling on the perfect place for you and your family to enjoy. Looking for an apartment to rent doesn’t need to be difficult or unpleasant. In fact, now that you know what the process entails, you can start looking for your new place to live whenever it is convenient for you.

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