Move Or Improve: Should You Sell Up Or Build Out?


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It’s a big step deciding on whether to move or not so before you start packing your possessions into tiny, cardboard boxes, stressing about canceling the utilities and taking your kids out of school is it better to stay put? Lots of us have to think about moving once every ten, to fifteen years or so or when a significant life change such as sick parents, a new baby or change in your career means it’s no longer practical to stay where you are. However, are we jumping the gun when it comes to upping sticks? To help you decide once at for all these are the questions everyone who’s on the move or improve fence should ask themselves.

Do You Love Living There?

It can take months, if not years to settle into a brand new neighborhood and make a good network of people you could rely on in an emergency. Homes are more than just bricks and mortar; they’re about how you feel when you walk through the front door after work and the memories that you and your family make while living there. If you aren’t quite ready to say goodbye to people you’ve known since Jack, Lucy and Henry were babies; then it may be far less distressing to add an extension or convert the loft into a third bedroom.

Is There Enough Space?

If you’re fed up living on top of each other, never getting to work on time because there’s only one bathroom or having nowhere to put anything because the house is too small then it’s time to stick a for sale sign up. It's not really healthy for kids to share rooms after a certain age, everyone needs their own space, and you need to be able to store possessions in cupboards, drawers, and wardrobes instead of in ever growing storage boxes under the bed. While the two bedroom house you started off in as newlyweds was fantastic if it doesn’t fit your lifestyle now, so it’s time to see what else is out there. Don’t feel like you need to drag everyone across the country. If there’s the perfect property for sale three miles down the road, then that’s great as any disruption will be minimal.

What Would Cost More?

Believe it or not, real estate experts aren’t just persuading you to move for the good of their bank balance. Realtors at waterfront real estate and other firms are right to warn homeowners that adding an extension to your existing house could cost more than buying something brand new, so it’s worth considering if it’ll add value. Conservatories and loft conversions can add around $20,000 or even $30,0000 to your property, but it’ll possibly cost the same or if not more to renovate in the first place. You could also opt to completely demolish and rebuild your house on the same plot of land but it’s very expensive, and you may a still not get the house of your dreams. Due to local planning laws, you may struggle to get permission for an infinity pool and glass fitness center if you live on rough, or unsuitable land for drainage.


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