Mom’s Taxi: Items to Keep in Your Car to Make Every Trip a Breeze


Car journeys can be a challenge when you are carrying your kids long distances. In fact, even short distances can be hard work. The secret is to be prepared for any eventuality. So here are some of the things that you should keep in your car to help make those journeys more bearable.

Mom's Taxi: Items to Keep in Your Car to Make Every Trip a Breeze

Food and Drink

There is nothing worse than hungry and thirsty kids complaining all the way to your destination. However, you don't want them to make a mess by spilling their drinks and leaving crumbs and sticky food all over the back seats. So make sure you have some water bottles they can use, or some cups with lids that will prevent spillages.

As for snacks for road trips, try to stick to less-messy types of food if that's possible. And if it's not, make sure you clean up when you arrive at your destination. You could also consider investing in some seat covers that you can remove and clean when needed.

Trash Bag

You will also want to keep a trash bag in the car so that you and the passengers can keep it tidy during the journey. If everyone knows where their trash needs to go, this can save you finding bits of food and candy wrappers stuffed down behind the seats weeks later.

Tissues & Wipes

Tissues are one of those things that any parent should keep handy at all times, and especially on car journeys. That way, you can deal with a number of situations, including runny noses, dirty hands, and more.

Have some wipes with you as well. Kids' hands are always in need of a clean, and you can also use them to clean up spills.


Most people wouldn't travel anywhere without a cellphone these days, so keep yours in the car with you on all journeys. Use it to get in touch with people in emergencies, take photos and videos if you are involved in an incident on the road, or to give to your kids to keep them distracted with ‘Angry Birds.'


It's always a good idea to have some cash on you when you are driving in the car, whether you are on your own or with the family. You never know when you might need some spare change to hand, whether you need to buy some snacks on the journey, use a vending machine, or fill up the parking meter, and a credit card is not going to help you.


Kids are always picking up scratches and cuts wherever they are, so keep a packet of Band-Aids with you in the car. That way, wherever you go, you'll always be able to pull one out in emergencies. You could include these as part of a mini first-aid kit along with bandages and antibacterial cream.

A Blanket or Two

If you are driving at night or in the winter, keeping a few blankets in the back is always a good idea. You don't want your kids to get cold if you end up getting stuck in the snow, so make sure you have at least one warm blanket for them in case emergency strikes.

Keep Your Car Well Stocked

Part of owning a family car is that you never know quite what awaits you on each journey. So whether you are planning a long journey or you are just using your car for daily use, make sure you have some of these essentials inside so that you can deal with any situation that arises.

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