Mommy’s Best Tips For Moving House


Organizing a house move can be a bit of a pain, even for moms who are used to managing the daily activities of the household. After all, a house move isn’t as easy as budgeting weekly expenses or organizing a day out. However, just because a house move can be tricky to manage doesn’t necessarily mean it’s impossible.

In fact, you can actually make your house move a success thanks to your assets as a mom. That’s right – motherhood wins in a house move if you follow the steps below:

  1. Don’t neglect the location. Identify points of interest near your new neighborhood, so you’re aware of places to go to in case of emergencies. Try to remember or keep a note of the different routes to get to your home, where the nearest hospitals and police stations are, and where nearby restaurants and malls are. These locations will let you know where to stop by or hang out if your house isn’t available yet, or if stuff is still being transported.
  2. Pack everything before moving day. Reserve moving day for the actual travel, instead of packing. If possible, buy your packing materials early on, so you can organize a schedule specifically for packing. If possible, color code boxes according to room or category, so you know just what sorts of objects are in a particular box. This makes finding items – especially if you need to repack some of them – easier.
  3. Make an inventory of things you own. Another important aspect of the moving process is to make sure you make an inventory of everything you have. If possible, make a list – be it digital or physical – of things you own, what sort of materials they’re made of, their price if you remember them, and if you consider them fragile. This inventory makes it easy for you to track your belongings, and it can make it easier for moving companies to keep track of what you own as well.
  4. Sell or throw away things you don’t need. Before you move, use this time to assess items you own. Do you want to bring all of them during the trip, or do you have things you want to sell or throw away? Try to identify items you can sell and organize a garage sale, as selling these items can give you extra money. If you can throw or give away other times, try to do so as well. This at least ensures you’re only bringing what you want to bring in your new home.
  5. Involve everyone in the moving process. Moving doesn’t have to be just you. Try to delegate tasks to the rest of the family, so moving can be a means to bond as a family. Maybe dad can buy stuff from the hardware, while the older siblings can organize stuff that needs packing. Then the younger siblings can help packing according to your instructions. Not only does this speed up the process, but this also makes it more fun!
  6. Follow your schedule consistently. If you’ve finally gotten around to making a schedule for your house move, don’t forget to follow it as consistently as possible. For instance, if you’ve set a family day to pack, or if you’ve set a few hours a day to fix stuff in a room, make sure you follow these. You might seem tired at the end of the day, you’ll at least be one step closer to a moving day that won’t stress you out.
  7. You can always hire professionals. Why carry the burden alone? If you know your house move will involve moving a ton of furniture and accessories, you can hire long-distance moving companies to help out. They’re professionally trained and equipped to handle various furniture and accessories, so you’re given an extra guarantee that your stuff will remain safe throughout the trip.
  8. Remember to make a plan that still lets you relax. A house move can be stressful, yes, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should stress yourself out because of this. When planning your house move, make sure you still get rest and your house routine won’t be disrupted. You still have a family life outside the move, so put this into consideration as well.

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Mommy’s House Move Made Easy

Who says moving has to be fun? For moms that have a lot on their plate, moving house does seem to be a bit daunting. However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a difficult process. If the above were to be considered, you can actually make moving a much easier process. All you need is a bit of planning, reliable professionals like movers, and a schedule you can follow consistently. Remember, you’re in control of your own move, so you also have the power to make it much easier for you to follow.

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  1. Moving to another is not really fun but it was challenging. Gathering a lot of things to consider would be a great fulfillment for us. Thank you for your tip, will keep it in mind if I transfer to another house again.

  2. Thanks for reminding me to start buying packing materials earlier than I should. It also made me realize that I don’t even have supplies that I can use like tape and old boxes in our house. Once I get to secure these things, I’ll be sure to hire professionals who offer moving services around Killeen, TX.

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