Maintaining Your Comfort Zone: Caring and Cleaning Your Bedding


Your bedroom is your sanctuary and the place where you can rest and relax after a busy day, so you will want to take care to maintain your comfort zone by keeping your bedding in great shape.

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Maintaining Your Comfort Zone: Caring and Cleaning Your Bedding

General washing tips

When it is laundry day for your bedding it is best to prepare your sheets and everything else that is going into the wash, rather than simply load it straight into the washing machine.

Start by removing any spots before the textile goes in to the washer, as you will be creating a permanent issue if you just rely on the machine to do the work for you.

Oily stains and spots from things like body lotion are commonplace on sheets and if you don’t attempt to remove these spots beforehand, your washer will more than likely cook and bake them on permanently.

A simple way of removing these spots is to use dish soap. All you have to do is wet the spot and then apply some of the soap, taking care to scrub with the level of care and vigor appropriate to the fragility of your fabric.

Prepping your laundry in general is vital if you want the bedding to last well and not get damaged, so check buttons and Velcro to ensure it is secure and turn patterned fabrics inside out.

Easy on the detergent

It is often a wise move to use less detergent than the manufacturer recommends, as too much of it can have the effect of weakening the fibers of your bedding over a period of time.

Some natural solutions are gaining popularity and are worth looking at as they could help to protect your bedding and give it a longer life, as well as allowing you to be greener with your use of detergents.

Avoid putting detergent directly on your fabrics as this can cause discoloration and avoid fabric softeners if you can, as they can have the effect of forming a coating on natural fibers and start to break them down.

Drying your bedding

If at all possible, try to line dry your sheets and duvet covers, as it is going to save you money of course, but it is also kinder to your bedding too.

Not all of us have this option, so if you are using a dryer, arrange to take the sheets out of the machine before they are completely dry and allow them to finish drying on a rack. Cotton blankets however, can actually fare better in a dryer, as air drying them can make them feel a bit crispy and they might also lose a bit of their fluffiness. Just keep the heat setting low and again, arrange to take them out before they are completely dry.

Take care of your bedding and it will take care of you.

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