Loving the Little Ones: How to Take Care of a Baby with a Birth Injury


Every parent imagines a beautiful and healthy baby, which is only natural. No one wants to imagine that their child is going to be born with an injury, but these things can happen. You have been through a lot already, but now you have to figure out a way to take care of a baby who suffered a birth injury, and the following tips will help.

Be a Team

What happens after your baby suffers a birth injury depends on the type of injury he or she has. For example, a baby that suffers shoulder dystocia will need to take some medication to deal with the pain, just to name one thing. Taking care of a baby with an injury like this is going to require a team, so enlist the help of your partner and family members.

Focus on Therapy

It is vital that you do not take the therapies recommended for granted. Every session suggested is important for your baby. A baby that suffers a fracture or a muscle-related affliction will need to strengthen his or her muscles to increase mobilization. A physical therapist is the person that is going to be able to administer the kind of therapy that could help your baby. You can take your baby directly to a physical therapist or have one come to your home.

Listen Carefully

Your doctors or physical therapists know best. It is important that you take notes, and do your best to do everything they ask when they give you instructions. Yes, being a parent to a delicate baby is already a hard job, but being a parent to a child with an injury is even harder. Everything you are doing for your baby is going to help reduce the chances that this injury affects him or her when your baby grows up.

Pay Attention

Injuries, depending on the kind, could have lasting effects on your child. It is important that you pay attention to every detail of your baby's development. Try to compare your baby's development to natural newborn's development. Take note of any delays in development as they may be related to your baby's injury. You want to talk to your doctor about what you have noticed to make sure that everything is okay or any issue is addressed as early as possible.

These are just some of the things you can do to take care of your baby if he or she suffered an injury during pregnancy. Hopefully, you and your health care providers can find a way to ensure that your child can live a normal life as he or she grows up.

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