Looking For A Family Dog? Consider The Following Breeds


Are you looking to welcome a four-legged addition into your family home? Congratulations if so; we hope you have a wonderful time together. There are all kinds of health benefits to owning a dog, so you are making a positive decision for both yourself and your family.

Of course, you need to ask that one important question. What breed shall I go for?

You don't want to make the wrong choice – some breeds don't mix well with kids – so you might want to rule out these breeds if you have very young children. Do your research first, and/or consider this short list of dog breeds that we think will make a wonderful fit into the family setting.

#1: A Labrador Retriever

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Popular among many dog owners, the Labrador Retriever will get along with just about anybody – you, your kids, other pets, and possibly your mailman too! They are very sweet-natured and love to play, and that's perfect if your children need a playmate. However, the need to play can get a bit wearing, as Labrador Retrievers have very high energy levels, so you are going to need to commit to those walks if you want to get a little bit of peace and quiet when you're trying to relax in the evening.

#2: A Shiba Inu

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A dog breed native to Japan, the Shiba Inu is both friendly and affectionate, so makes for a truly wonderful family pet. However, while they will be loyal to you and the other members of your household, they are not so good around strangers (including other animals), as they can be very possessive. However, you can do a lot to boost this dog's social skills, so follow these Shiba Inu care tips if this cuddly little beauty takes your interest.

#3: A Bulldog

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Not the most playful of dogs, as they generally much prefer a snooze to a game of catch in the garden. While this is great news for anybody looking for a dog that doesn't need a great deal of exercise, it's less good news for anybody wanting a constant play companion. That being said, their amiable nature means they are good around children, although take care when feeding them as they can get a little grumpy if they are pestered while eating.

#4: A Golden Retriever

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These dogs are a lot of fun, and are the exact opposite of the slovenly Bulldog. Silly in nature and with a love for play, Golden Retrievers are the ideal dog breed for anybody who wants to add a dose of crazy into their already busy family. Your kids will love this, as they will always have somebody willing to play with, and you will (perhaps begrudgingly) love this breed of dog too, as the Golden Retriever will give you plenty of excuses to get up and exercise.


For other dog breeds, consider this extensive list if you haven't yet made your choice. Fun and friendship await, for you and your entire family. You would be barking mad not to pick at least one dog from the lists we have presented you with.


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