How Having A Dog Makes You Healthier


If you’ve decided to get a dog as a pet, you’ll no doubt be looking forward to long walks in the park with your new friend – and having a fun new member of the family. But did you know that getting a dog can make you healthier? Here are the top ways that being a dog owner will benefit your health…

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1.     Your heart will work better

Because you’ll be out walking with your new four-legged friend, your blood pressure is likely to be lower than that of people who don’t have pets. The consequences of this are that you are considerably less likely to get heart disease or have a heart attack. This means that simply being a dog owner can result in you living for longer!

2.     You’ll feel calmer

Stroking and petting your beloved dog will help you to let go of any niggling stresses and worries that have been plaguing you recently. The result of this will be lowered blood pressure and a feeling of being much more able to relax and switch off whenever you need to. Your dog will love it too, so the relationship between the two of you will just get better and better.

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3.     You’ll find it easier to meet people

I’ve lost count of the number of stories I’ve heard about people meeting their life partners while out walking their dogs. Even if you’re not in the market for romance, you’ll probably make some new friends. Having a dog is a great conversation starter, and it means that you always have something to talk about – even if you don’t have other things in common. If your social life needs a boost, or you tend to be a bit shy and introverted, getting a dog could be the key to starting a brand new life.

4.    You’re less likely to get sick

People who are dog owners are generally fitter, healthier and happier – so you are much less likely to need to visit your doctor as often as you used to. Taking care of your pet gives your life meaning and purpose, and encourages you to take better care of yourself too.

5.     Family dogs can protect babies

If you have a dog in the house from when babies are very small, they are likely to have stronger and better developed immune systems than children who grow up in homes without pets. This means that your kids will be sick less often, allowing them to get on with playing with that precious pooch. If you’re wondering about which dogs might be good with the kids, click here for information.

Becoming a dog owner can literally be life-changing for the whole family – and can help you all to live happier, healthier lives. If you’d like to find out more on how best to care for your pet before making the decision to go ahead, read this article. As long as you take your time and choose carefully – getting a dog could be the best decision you ever made.

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