Long Weekends and Winding Roads: Planning a Family Adventure Outing


When you're in the mood to take your family on a much-needed long weekend, you'll need to plan where to go and what you'll need to bring along so that the trip goes smoothly. Long weekend drives can be a picturesque way to travel, but they also complement family togetherness, which is the great stuff of memories and what it's so important to get out there and go!

Long Weekends and Winding Roads: Planning a Family Adventure Outing

Where Do You Want to Go?

If you're looking to take a¬†journey in Canada, you'll have a vast array of scenic drives and majestic natural places to consider. Depending on where you live you'll need to think about the time frame you have to work with–whether you can get away for three or even four days.

If you are based near the Atlantic, consider taking an educational road trip and introduce your family to the famous Viking Trail with its historic Viking site. If you live in Central Canada, consider a short cruise along beautiful Lake Superior. You might think about visiting any of Canada's provincial or national parks too.

Accommodation Reservations

Before you take off on your journey, you need to think about where you'll temporarily be hanging your hat at nighttime. You might want to research rooms at a hotel, rustic lodge, or bed and breakfast before you set out. On the other hand, if you family enjoys hiking and fishing, think about packing up the tent and sleeping bags before you set out.


Aside from your accommodations and gas expense, food will be a primary concern and cost during your travels. To keep costs down, be sure to pack plenty of snacks to enjoy during the drive. You might even pack a cooler so that you can enjoy a picnic of sandwiches and salads for lunch.

If you're economical with lunches and breakfasts, you might be able to splurge for dinner and enjoy one of the great restaurants you find at your destination.

What to Bring

Your destination is naturally going to inform some of your packing needs. If you're going skiing outside of Quebec, for instance, you'll want to pack plenty warm clothing and the proper outerwear. To enhance your drive, however, it helps to bring along a device with GPS so that you can easily locate restaurants or landmarks in the areas you drive through.

An old-fashioned road map is a also a must for those times when your GPS doesn't work, which isn't unheard of in remote areas. Be sure to pack an emergency road kit, first aid kit, and plenty of water before setting out on your journey as well.

Whether you decide to go whale watching on the coast of British Columbia or journey visit pristine Lake Louise in the Canadian Rockies, you're sure to enjoy your road trip when you plan accordingly. Introducing your family to the rugged attractions of Canada is sure to provide them with some of the great experiences of growing up.

Dad of 2, Jason Irvine, is always on the go thinking of new activities and new places to take his family. Recently he has taken to blogging, sharing his ideas with an online audience of like-minded parents.

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