Family Christmas: 4 Unique Ways to Spend Time with your Family Over the Holidays


Family Christmas 4 Unique Ways to Spend Time with your Family Over the Holidays

The holidays are upon us, and families are thinking about what they want to do over the winter break. Even if you haven’t scheduled any special events, it’s not too late. There are some great things you can do with the kids to help build memories and ensure that they have a great time. If you make some of these choices, your kids might even learn something new along the way.

Explore the Countryside
Take a trip into the countryside near your area to see something new and experience a slower pace. You can stay at a bed and breakfast for a memorable trip that the kids will really enjoy. There are countless small inns around the nation, so you may be able to snag reservations even at the last minute. While you’re in the area, ask your host about local sights or restaurants that are worth visiting.

Get Some Culture
Don’t rely on the schools to take your kids to the local museums and other sights. Take the time to visit your local zoo, science museum or botanical gardens. It’s an easy way to get the kids out of the house, and you can slip in some educational moments while the kids are having fun.

Make Everything a Party
The holidays can be insanely busy, but there are ways to slow things down and get family time while taking care of everything on your list. Rather than trying to decorate the tree on your own, let the kids help you and make it a party. When it’s time to do some baking, enlist the family to help and get it done in half the time while having a blast. You can even turn addressing cards into a party by having one person address the envelopes while someone else stuffs them and another family member puts on the stamp.

Take a Road Trip in Style
If you don’t have time to reserve a room at the local bed and breakfast, then consider taking a road trip in an RV. At places like Fretz RV, you can pick up a RV and be ready for the road in a matter of days. Travel to some of the great treasures of the nation, or visit family in another state. You can play games while on the road, and your family just may start a new tradition.

When the kids are out of school, take the time to schedule some fun for them. There are countless you can do with your family to spend some quality time together and enjoy this festive time. Give yourself permission to get creative and try something new this year.

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