Like Working With Kids? How You Can Make A Living With That Passion


Children are active and imaginative, and spending time with them is satisfying in many ways. If you like working with kids, there are many avenues to turn that interest into a full-time career. Read on for some practical examples of rewarding child-focused jobs and pathways to pursue them.

Like Working With Kids? How You Can Make A Living With That Passion



Teachers are in demand for all ages, including preschool through high school levels. It is quite possible to find a niche position in a specialty teaching field such as special education, or music education. Teachers influence the future generation and receive stimulating continuing education opportunities as well.


Speech Pathologist


This type of child involvement centers around evaluating speech disorders and positions are usually found in hospitals and schools. Some speech pathologists also work as independent contractors and all speech pathologists assist children in communicating clearly. This field is especially well suited for patient individuals who are interested in pursuing an advanced degree.


Daycare or Preschool Director


Directors of daycares and preschools often have college degrees in childhood education. It is helpful to first work as a daycare or preschool teacher before moving on to an advanced position of director since directors manage staff and oversee all daily activities. There are various types of college programs offering education degrees. Having the right degree is important if you want leadership positions like these in education.




For those observant and intelligent individuals with an interest in both medicine and children, attaining the role of pediatrician is a worthy goal. This position involves rigorous training and testing and involves working with children and youth from infancy through the late teens or the early twenties. It is advisable to complete volunteer work in one or more medical settings before moving on to more formal training. Once certified, pediatricians complete a variety of tasks including checking development and diagnosing health issues.


Pediatric Dentist


This type of dentist is adaptable to children and making them feel welcome in a mouth care facility. Children often feel anxious when visiting a dental office, and pediatric dentists pave the way for a lifetime of dental health. It is important for children to have a positive first experience and to have a dentist that sees parents and children as partners in teeth and mouth health.


Regardless of the specific job that you choose, there are many ways to enjoy a professional and child focused career. Some positions focus on a narrower age group, and some are involved with the entire gamut of babyhood, childhood, youth, and young adulthood. Options are many, and it is beneficial to research and job shadow before making a more definitive career choice.

Anita is a freelance writer from Denver, CO and often writes about family, education, finance and business. A mother of two, she enjoys traveling with her family when she isn't writing. She suggests getting a master's degree in education online to help you reach your goal of making a living by working with kids.

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