Once In A Lifetime Travel Experiences You Need To Do On Your Own!


It’s so easy in life to get preoccupied with worrying about other people. We tend to do what they want when it comes to holidays, and our bucket list gets put on the backburner. But life is short; so it’s important to experience everything you want to while you still can! After all, we should be the most important person in our life! Therefore, here are some once in a lifetime travel experiences you need to do on your own.

Go to a Buddhist retreat in India

Sometimes in life, we get so stressed that it can become overwhelming. The best way to relax is to find some form of relaxation. Therefore, you could consider going to a Buddhist retreat where you can meditate in peace and quiet. Perfect for a trip on your own, it will give you time to reflect and reassess your life. It definitely needs to be done once in your lifetime, as it’s perfect to unwind and relax properly. You will find great Buddhists retreats in areas such as Bangalore in India you can go to. Centers such as the Art of Living International Center is ideal with trails and gardens, perfect for getting some peace and quiet. A lot of the resorts will have great meditation classes in the midst of fantastic surroundings. It will ensure you have tranquility before you head home a new person!

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Go swimming with dolphins in the Bahamas

I think all of us have swimming with dolphins on our list of must do’s before we die. After all, the beautiful creatures are adorable, and it’s an amazing experience to get to swim with them. You will find a lot of places where you can swim with dolphins in the luxurious Bahamas. Find a great hotel close to a marine sanctuary where you can go and finally fulfill your dream. You can take part in the experience at Dolphin Cay in Nassau. Get one of the instructors to take a picture that you can keep forever! You can find organized trips like this by booking through a site similar to Just You, who specializes in solo travel holidays.

Go on an outdoor hike in Australia

You need to consider heading on an amazing hike at least one time in your life. And the best place to do it would be in the wonderful outbacks of Australia. It’s an uplifting experience heading on your own. After all, it gives you time to reflect and admire the beautiful views. You need to make sure you establish the trail you are planning to undertake so that you don’t get lost on your own!

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Go and explore a beautiful city such as Rome

I don’t know about you, but visiting a city with the kids means you never get to truly experience everything it has to offer. Therefore, you should visit a beautiful city at least once on your own. Somewhere like Rome is amazing to wander around on your own and discover more about the city. You can go to museums that you might not have had a chance to look in before. And you can people watch with a glass of wine right in the center. You can treat yourself to a deluxe single room in a lovely hotel with views of the city.

Go and stay in a top-notch hotel in Vienna

When you travel with family and friends, you often have to stay in cheap hotels so that you can afford the price. But you really envy the large rooms in the beautiful hotels right on the coast or in the middle of the city. Therefore, for a once in a lifetime experience, you should book in to stay in a top-notch hotel in somewhere beautiful like Vienna. You can have a king bed all to yourself and spend some time looking after number one.

And remember to do some form of extreme sport that you have never tried before. For example, going skydiving is something you have to try at least once in your life on your own!


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