LEGO Minecraft The Cave Review


Now that I've done the parent version of Minecraft LEGO has been making building block games and products for decades. So it just makes sense that the company would team up with the makers of the Minecraft virtual block building game to offer a combination of physical and virtual world creations. The smallest of the new line of Lego Minecraft mini-figure scale sets,The Cave is begging for a closer exploration.

Key Elements of LEGO Minecraft The Cave

  • 249 pieces
  • Perfect for ages 8 and up
  • Steve, zombie and spider included
  • Includes 2 mini-figures and several accessories
  • Compatible with other LEGO Minecraft products

What Makes LEGO Minecraft The Cave Such a Good Buy?

LEGO set 21113, for those of you keeping score, is The Cave. This is a Minecraft and LEGO creation, the most affordable of that block building marriage. Minecraft veterans will appreciate that Steve is represented in physical form by a small LEGO mini-figurine, and he is not alone.

A scary zombie and huge spider are also included. And what would any respectable cave be without a waterfall, coal, iron, redstone, gold and obsidian elements, some handy TNT for blowing stuff up and a lava fall? A Minecraft inspiration book is also included, which instructs you exactly how to build the cave so it looks like the one on the box.

But you can also use the familiar LEGO building block pieces to customize your Minecraft experience. The 249 LEGO pieces are separated into 2 different bags.

  • One bag is used to create the main structure of the cave
  • The second bag provides characters and accessories


A nice feature here is this set's ability to work with other LEGO Minecraft products. As long as they are the same mini-figure scale in size, they can be used along with this set. The cave is multilevel, also providing a fully rotated 360 degrees of playing ability.

The Steve character looks like the typical character from other LEGO Minecraft playsets, except this version is carrying a handy pickax. The zombie figure is the same green-skinned one you get in LEGO Minecraft the Mine, and he wears the same color shirt and pants as Steve.

The spider is big, black and ferocious looking, with 8 movable legs and a fierce red face. Both Steve and the zombie fit perfectly on the back of the spider. Torches, a movable ladder and a supply chest are just a few of the helpful accessories included. LEGO Minecraft The Cave makes a smart purchase for both LEGO collectors and fans of the Minecraft block building game.

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