Winter Organizing Saves You Time and Money


Cold temperatures means more time indoors.

It might surprise you how the simplest ideas can help you in your daily life. Winter organizing is a simple solution that can save you time as well as money. And many of these winter readiness tips not only save you time and money, but can also make winter quite a bit more comfortable for you and your family.  For us the cold snap usually hits in mid February so being prepared is key so we aren't stuck having to run to the store or going without some supplies.

Winter Organizing Saves You Time and Money

Getting Ready for Winter

Winter organizing should actually start before winter arrives. There are many things that need to be done before winter weather hits, so that you can be prepared for the worst.

Outdoor Supplies

When winter weather hits, it can create real safety hazards for you and your family. You want to be prepared ahead of time with some of these basic supplies:

  • Salt – For icy sidewalks, stairs, and driveways, you will want to have some rock salt on hand to melt the ice and create safer walkways. Items such as this often go up in price when winter starts and demand is high, so stocking up ahead of time can save you money as well as a trip to the store when it's almost too late.
  • Shovel – It's always a good idea to have a decent snow shovel ready in case deep snows occur in your area. Not only will you have it on hand when you need it, but you never know when someone else might need help.
  • Winter coats and other cold weather gear – By the time the cold weather sneaks up on you, it is often too late to find good deals on really good winter gear. Starting your search for coats, boots, gloves, hats, and other winter apparel will save you the time and hassle later, as well as save you money.  I try to keep an eye on off season or after season sales.

Indoor Supplies

Having some emergency items on hand in the event of a winter storm is always a good idea.

  • Flashlights and candles – To light your way if the power goes out and surprisingly candles can bring a lot of warmth to a room.
  • Water – Dehydration is no joke, even during the winter. Having some bottled water stocked away for emergencies is important year round. When winter storms are rolling in, people tend to hit the stores pretty hard for emergency rations. Save yourself the trouble by being ahead of the game.  We like keeping a water bottle pump around because we always have extra water bottles for the cooler in the storage room.
  • Food – It is also a good idea to keep a stock of non-perishable food items in the event that the power is out for long periods of time. Canned goods might not taste as good cold, but they will keep you full if the need arises.  Stock up at your local dollar store, you can't beat the prices!
  • Plenty of blankets – If the power goes out during a winter storm, it can get pretty cold. Having extra blankets stocked away can help to keep you more comfortable until the heat comes back on.

Other Organization Tips

  • Clothes – Start your shopping for sweaters, long pants, and warm socks before the worst of the cold hits. This will save you money as well as ensure that you are prepared ahead of time.
  • Closets – As the seasons start to change, start moving warm weather clothes out of main closets and replacing them with winter clothes. Not only does this keep your closets less cluttered so you can find what you need when you need it, but it also gives you a great opportunity to gradually go through your closet to get rid of or donate old or unused clothing items.
  • Winterize your home – Save on energy costs and keep your house comfortably toasty by winterizing your home. Insulation, thick curtains, and even simple plastic films over your windows can save you a bundle in home heating costs this winter.


All of these tips will keep you more comfortable this winter, and all it takes is a little bit of organization and forethought. Being prepared ahead of time will make things much easier for you, as well as save you time and money when the time comes for winter to roll in.


How do you get organized during the cold winter season?


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