Keeping Sane With a Housefull – 5 Simple Steps


Kids are running around the house, the pets are going crazy, your husband is watching the game on TV and you feel like your about to lose your sanity! Keeping sane while the house is full of craziness and guests coming and going during the holiday season can sometimes be a challenge. You might even feel like pulling your hair out, smashing your head against the wall or hiding in the closet at times. Don't fret, there are ways to keep your sanity while your household feels like the crazy farm.  Or at least we can try… 

5 simple tips to keep sane with a housefull


Organize: Having an organized home can help ensure things run smoother and feel less stressful.  Plan meals, sleeping arrangements and activities before everyone arrives.

Take a Timeout: There are times when Moms need a timeout and this is perfectly okay! Take a nice long walk, enjoy a glass of wine, take a bubble bath, read or maybe even head to your local coffee shop and enjoy some peace out of the home.  I use the excuse of slipping out to grab a couple groceries or getting up a little early to just sit and relax by MYSELF.

Quiet Time: Call for periodic quiet times during the day, even if it is just for yourself! These quiet times might only be for a few minutes but they can really help any Mom in the midst of a crazy household. Designate times of day when its quiet time! This means no TV, no running around or anything else. Send the kids to do their homework, play outside or work quietly on a craft.

Do Something for Yourself: Every once in a while take a few hours to do something for yourself. Go get a massage, a pedicure, shopping, exercise or anything else that helps you relax! Make it a point to make time for yourself as much as possible.

Let Go: realize you can't do everything and ask for help or assign others to do something.  You aren't expected to be a slave and if you ask your guests will happily pitch in or at least feel obligated to when you tell them to do something

How do you deal with a chaotic household?

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