The Inviting Appeal of Indian Cuisine


Illustrious Indian cuisine. The taste of the far east has been a favorite flavor for many inspired foodies. From beautifully scented masalas, to fragrant naan breads, Indian cuisine has a unique, spicy flair that tantalizes the taste buds and tickles the pleasure centers of your brain.

What is it about Indian food that is so special? What makes it such a magical taste experience? Let’s take a look and the culinary genius behind Indian food.

The inviting appeal of Indian cuisine

Traditional Indian food for an advanced palette


Our palettes are sensitive and can experience a wide variety of different flavors from bitter to sour, salty and sweet. The average Indian dish has almost 50 flavors in one single ingredient! Isn’t that amazing? The flavors enhance each other and bring out the characteristics of the dish. Indian dishes have taken full advantage of what nature has to offer and they currently use over 200 of the 380 food ingredients that are known to man.

Spices are what Indian food is known for and it isn’t as focused on chili as you may think. While spicy dishes do contain a healthy dose of curry powder and the bite of capsaicin, most dishes, such as butter chicken are not overly spicy at all. Instead, they rely on other spices that are fragrant and unlock the flavors in the food.

Bearing this in mind, it's no wonder that you might enjoy a good lamb vindaloo. However, Indian food isn’t all about the ingredient and the talented chefs that turn them into amazing meals. It also has a lot to do with the setting and service of the restaurant you visit. Indian food just goes well with restaurant service. When you are seated at a table, gazing at a menu with the sounds and smells of curry in the air, life just seems good.

Traditional Indian food for an advanced palette

Why is it so challenging to make my own Indian Food?

Chances are you have tried to make your own curry to replicate the awesome taste experience you had at your local Indian restaurant. It’s ok if you failed, it’s to be expected. Indian recipes are a closely guarded secret that is handed down through generations. The Indian culture relies heavily on food to bring the family together.

Let's take the example of a lamb korma, a traditional Indian dish that is loved by billions, yes, billions of people all around the globe. The essence of the word korma is derived from the traditional Turkish for ‘braise’. This describes the dish perfectly, seared lamb and vegetables that are slowly braised using moist heat.

The final result is a dish that is remarkably sweet, with hints of cashew and almond in a thick, creamy sauce that is to die for. The next time that you feel like attempting to cook a lamb korma again, make sure you get the recipe here and save yourself some time and hassle.

Indian Cuisine is Magic

Wrapping up

Indian food is magic. The unique flavors and taste experience are unlike any other food in the world. The intricacy of ingredients, spices, and cooking methods that are available in any Indian dish represent the values of the Indian people themselves. A beautiful, friendly culture that is rich in history and culinary genius.

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