6 Tips for Finding the Best Food in Florence

6 Tips for Finding the Best Food in Florence

Italy is known for having some of the best food in the world. The founders of pizza, pasta, risotto… people who don’t like Italian food are in a small minority in the world. However, there is so much incredible Italian food to choose from, sometimes it can get overwhelming. Furthermore, some of the more tourist central areas don’t necessarily have the best quality food, and it can get very overpriced. Here are six useful tips to help you navigate the culinary scene of Florence:

Don’t follow the crowd

Often, restaurants can get overcrowded and touristy in city centers. This makes sense, as huge influxes of tourists need to be catered for, but can lead to lower quality food. To get the best food, try somewhere either slightly off the beaten track, or less busy.

Consider the ingredients

Seasonal, fresh, local produce will always make the best food. When you buy Italian food or decide to order, think about what food is in season, or look up the specialties or produce of the area. Usually, they’re called specialties for a reason, and you don’t want to miss out.

Try different places

Even if the first place you try is sensational, don’t spend your whole holiday just going there. There are so many wonderful places to eat at, you should definitely explore and find different gems in Florence.

Grilled Chicken Pizza


Don’t just experiment with restaurants, but also with food. Yes, the pizza in Italy is great, but spread your wings and try something different every time. You’ll have a much better culinary experience if you order completely different things in each place.

Take risks

Just because you haven’t tried something before, that doesn’t mean you won’t like it. Even if the food sounds weird, or the taste combinations aren’t standard, put yourself and your taste buds out there. Take the risk, you are on holiday after all.

Take recommendations

The best way to know where to eat is to listen to other people. If a local recommends a pizzeria, always check it out. Likely as not, you won’t be actively recommended somewhere unless it is top quality. For now, here is your first recommendation: Santa Elisabetta, a luxury restaurant in Florence Italy, in The Brunelleschi Hotel. This luxury restaurant is a beautiful way to treat yourself, maybe to splash out on your final night, or to try something a little bit different. It steers away from the typical Italian cuisine that could be found anywhere, and only uses the best quality ingredients to create a truly unique menu. There is really nothing not to love.

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