How to Plan a Budget Friendly Weekend Getaway


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We all need to break free from the hustle of daily life, especially when the weather is cold and we spend most of our time indoors.  The only problem with a weekend getaway is it can be expensive but if you want to stay within your budget and still have fun you’re in luck! I’m sharing my tips on how to plan a weekend getaway on a budget.

How to Plan a Budget Friendly Weekend Getaway

Picking The Destination

For two or more people driving to a destination is a lot more budget friendly than booking flights, especially last minute.  Think of a few destination close to home that you’ve always wanted to explore but haven’t had the time to.  Why not start making a list of all the places close by, you’d be surprised at some of the destinations that come up with a simple google search.

Affordable Accommodation

If staying with friends or family isn’t an option hotels usually have a cheaper rate if you pay in advance 7-10 days before your arrival.  The best part? You’re committed to going because you already spent the money!

We like to pick a hotel that offers a free breakfast, some even have a Manager’s Happy Hour with drinks and appetizers.  Finding accommodations that offer a couple bonuses like this is a great way to make your weekend getaway affordable.

Things To Do and See

Never explored the area before?  We like to stop in at the local tourism office and get advice on what to see and do.  Don’t forget to check Groupon Things To Do, you’d be surprised at how much you can save on sporting events, theater, local attractions and even restaurants.

Or check out CityPass to see if the destination you have in mind offers an affordable pass to all the main attractions.

Eating Out

Our best secret for saving money while on any vacation is to stop at the local grocery store and pick up a few staples.  We like to pick up a baguette, deli meats, sliced cheese and some fruit because we all love it and it is healthier and cheaper than stopping at a fast food joint.

Having a picnic in a local park can be a great way to enjoy your surroundings, save money on food and give you the opportunity to relax.  Don’t forget to pack reusable water bottles, having these on hands has saved us from numerous tourist traps where bottled beverages are $5+.


With these tips I'm confident you can plan the perfect weekend getaway without breaking your budget.

Where’s your next weekend getaway destination?


  1. Good tips. I always check deal sites like Groupon for places to stay and things to do at a discount. Even if they don’t have exactly what I’m looking for, I often find deals on attractions I didn’t even know about.

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