How to Make Sure Your Kids Healthily Cope With Your Divorce


When two people say, “I do”, they hope that it will be forever. Unfortunately, things don’t always work out. After a few years of marriage, you may find yourself visiting a divorce lawyer to annul the union. Divorce happens for various reasons: infidelity, bad behaviors, and other unexplainable occurrences.

If you have kids, you have to make sure the divorce doesn’t affect them. Use the following tips to make that happen.

Worried About Your Kids? 3 Ways To Support Them Through Your Divorce

Tell Your Kids the Truth

Let your kids know that you’re going to separate. Be honest with them because they can see what’s going on. Make sure that your partner is present when you break the news. Tell your kids they are not the reason for the divorce. You have to insist on this point because kids can blame themselves for things beyond their control.

After telling your kids the truth, acknowledge their feelings and what they have to say. Look at their faces, if they’re angry or sad, tell them it’s okay to feel those emotions. Don’t let them suppress emotions because it can affect them. Ask them if there’s anything you can do to ease the negative emotions.


Kids will always have something to say about your divorce. Ask them to tell you what they think about the split. Don’t be angry with them because you’re an adult. Control yourself even if what they say is hurtful. Remember they’re also angry and disappointed. When you allow your child to express him or herself, you give them a chance to try to remedy the situation. That feeling empowers your child and helps them cope with the situation.

5 Things Parents Should Not do During their Divorce Case

Don’t Argue When Your Kids are Present

Divorce is hard on both partners. You’re likely to feel some kind of anger towards your partner. During the divorce proceedings, make an effort to maintain civility around the kids. If your kids see you arguing or angry, they’ll be stressed. Therefore, make sure that you behave around the kids.

Therapy and Exercise

If you’re finding it hard to cope with the divorce, seek professional help. Your kids see everything and react to your body language. If you’re stressed by the divorce, your kids will notice, and it will affect them negatively. Do your best to cope with the situation and get back to normal. You can renew your gym membership and use exercise as a form of therapy.

Marriages don’t always work. As you divorce, protect your children from emotional torment and blame using the above tactics.

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