5 Tips to Make Saving Money Quick and Easy


This year I am focusing on saving more and spending less because I would like to do more traveling with the family so finding a way to cut corners where we can is important.  I figure we should be able to afford a trip to Denmark within a year if we get smart about where our funds are going.  A simple way to add to our savings fund is the Quick and Easy 52 Week Savings Challenge.  Saving money can be quick and easy when you stop to think about it.

5 Tips To Make Savings Money Quick and Easy

5 Tips to Make Saving Money Quick and Easy

  1. Turning the lights off when you leave a room, make a habit out of turning off the light when you leave a room and get your kids to do the same thing.  This is an easy way to reduce your energy bill.
  2. Use a journal to record all your purchases for a week, trust me you'll think twice before you buy that new shirt! This is an easy way to hold yourself accountable for your purchases.
  3. Cut the habit.  Whether it is coffee every day or smoking,  think about what it's costing you in the long run.  Did you know a three-pack-a-week habit burns up $96 a month, or $1,152 a year just imagine if you were saving that money instead.
  4. Instead of watching tv at night read a book!  Not only is it good for you and give your brain a little exercise but you won't be snacking and you'll save on your electricity bill again by not having the tv on!
  5. Make household cleaners instead of buying them like dishwasher tabs and laundry detergent!  I've been doing this for awhile now and I am honestly surprised at how much it saves me on each month.

Overwhelming yourself with unrealistic goals isn't a good way to start saving money.  Making small changes is the best way for savings to become a habit, once you've mastered those then add a few more.  It is human habit to take 28 days to accept change and make something a new habit.

What are your money saving tips?

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