Great Vacation Ideas for Larger Families


Great Vacation Ideas for Larger Families

Traveling with a larger family, whether you have a lot of children or because grandparents and other extended family are joining you, can be difficult. Everyone wants to go to different places, stay in different accommodation, and try different things. You all want your freedom, but to be together, and everyone has a different idea of what makes the perfect holiday. This is even more complicated when older children are involved. You want them to have some independence while remaining safe. Here are some great ideas for holidaying with a larger than average family, while keeping everyone happy.


Camping with the family can be surprisingly good fun, as well as being an excellent way to stay together whilst remaining slightly separate. Older family members could hire or borrow a campervan, letting them have some comfort, while older teens could stay in their tent to get a little bit of independence. Many campsites have lots of fun activities for the whole family, and you’ll have your cars with you if you want to travel further afield. Spend your evenings cooking and playing games around a campfire. Returning to basics like this is a brilliant way to reconnect and enjoy each other’s company.

Villa Rental

Renting a villa could be the perfect solution for larger family gatherings. Staying in a Costa Rica villa, for example, is like staying in your private hotel. You have all the luxuries and comforts, without the other guests to worry about. This particular villa even has a staff to look after you. Most villas have their private pool. The kids could have their rooms to play in, and other family members could choose to spend time together or go off exploring alone. The Villa could either be the place you spend all your time, or a meeting place for family gatherings after days out. You could have parties, or eat quietly alone; the options are endless. It’s a real home away from home.

House Swapping

House swapping is a great option if you are on a budget. There are many websites where you can register for house swapping. Find a property you like, in a location you want to visit and contact the owner. You could spend the entire summer traveling like this.

A Cruise

A cruise is a brilliant way to please everyone. Many cruises offer a stop in different cities, where you are free to explore or stay on board and make the most of the ship’s facilities. A lot of cruise liners have their own kid’s club for different age groups, as well as evening entertainment for the adults. There’s also a wide variety of various foods and drinks to try, as well as many different family friendly activities.


However, you choose to spend your vacation time, make sure you relax. Traveling with a larger family can be stressful, so take some time out for yourself where you can. If you are traveling with extended family, get them to babysit one night and go on a date night!

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